Journal - 2016

Captain's log - year 16 of the millennium. Continuing mission objectives: assimilate knowledge and skills for survival - develop methods for the generation of happiness - acquire doughnuts.


1. An Introduction to Me and This



   Hello there and welcome to my 2016 resolution!


   Some exposition: My name is Kymothy. I'm sixteen, I live in Britain, and I love stories. 


   However, I am not particularly good at writing or storytelling (or talking to people...); it's hard to organise the images and ideas in my head and turn them into words, and I am a wicked procrastinator. This can be pretty frustrating, but I guess the path to progress lies in practice, so to improve my writing is one goal of this project.


   The other goal comes about because I worry that, in years to come, I'll regret not having kept more records of my life; my memory is pretty appalling, and I don't think an older me would like to feel distant from who they used to be. So I'm going to try and make entries in here once in a while, detailing what I get up to, with the aim of keeping it up for the whole year.


   I hope anyone else reading this finds it interesting, and that you'll tell me off if I waffle.



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