Love story

Anna is one of the most beautiful girls in school but she's the kindest girl you will ever meet! Everyone expects her to selfish but she's just the opposite! Anyways, tons of boys are falling for her. She's already dating Sean the cutest boy EVER! But what happens when he cheats on her one night and she falls for 2 other guys...


1. The truth

        "Hey wanna come over tonight?" my best friend Julie asks me. Let me tell you one thing about Julie. She always wants to hang out. "Sorry Jules but I'm going to Sean's to have a movie night with him. But this weekend it's a girls weekend out! BTW I think I heard Sean and Mason talking about how Mason is gonna take you out tonight. You lucky girl! See ya later Jules!" I say happily and I watch Julie squeal in excitement. "Thanks Anna! I love you! Se you tomorrow!" she says and tosses her long dark hair over her shoulder. BTW Mason is Julie's BF. I hop on my bike and ride home. I'm an only child and my parents are the BEST! "Hey Anna! I'm in the kitchen cutting veggies for dinner. Come in here!" Mom calls for me as soon as I walk in the door. I walk into the kitchen and give mom a hug. "Where's dad?" I ask her. "He's at the store buying milk and pasta. Put your stuff down and help me cut these veggies hun. But quickly because it's already 4! You have your date with Sean in 2 hours!" Mom replies. I cut a few peppers and go upstairs. I hop into the shower. When's I'm done I put on apple scented lotion on and blow dry my hair. I curl my hair and put on my bath robe. Then I do my makeup. I put on my foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighters, a smoky eye eye shadow look, mascara, eyeliner, pale pink lip gloss, and pink blush. Next, I put on a short black dress and black heels. Perfect. I grab my gold clutch and my phone and head downstairs. It's already almost 6 so I wait at the kitchen table for Sean. 5 minutes later there's a knock on the door. It's Sean. "Hey babe. You look hotter then anyone else I know." he smiles pulling me in for a kiss. I smooch him on the lips and get into his car. "Anna, I thought we'd go to dinner first." he says looking at me lovingly. "Of course!" I reply and kiss him on the cheek. We arrive at a fancy restaurant and Sean finds us a booth to sit at. After hours of talking Sean clears his throat. "I love you Anna. But there's something I have to tell you. I need us to break up. I've been seeing Peyton Isabelle for around a month and I just feel the sparks with her. I'm so sorry Anna" he says. "So you don't feel the sparks with me? I'm sorry Sean but that's not how love works. "Love" is a strong word. Don't just throw it around like a tennis ball. I have to go." I say meanly and I can feel tears stinging my eyes. "ANNA WAIT! HOW ARE YOU GETTING HOME?!" he calls after me but I'm already out the door. "Jules I need you. I'm at Love Diner on South Ronney Drive. Can you come pick me up?" I ask her. "I'm coming girl! Be there in 5!" she responds. 5 minutes later, Julie pulls up in her black sports car. I get into the passenger seat and let the tears roll down my cheeks. "Sean dumped me. He was so perfect, I should've known! He said he's been dating Peyton Isabelle for a month!" I cry. "Awwww Anna. He was so incredibly stupid to dump a girl like you! Let's go home and watch a ton of movies!" Jules replies. We pull up at Julie's house and we go inside. Her mom and dad are on vacation in the Bahamas and her old brother Joe is out for the night with his friends so we're alone. "You can borrow my pajamas. Get cozy and I'll get the first movie going." Julie says wrapping me in a hug. I go into her bedroom and put on one of her blue tanks and a pair of pink heart pajama pants. I throw my hair in a ponytail and wash my face with her cleansing wipes. Then I go back into the family room and Jules has the movie The Notebook ready. She comes out of the kitchen in her pajamas and her hair in a messy bun with a huge bowl of popcorn in her hands. "Anna help me get the millions bags of candy from the cupboard!" she tells me. 10 movies later we pass out on the  couch.

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