Harry Snape

This is what i think would have happened if Snape was harry's dad?


1. Snape's night of imploration

 "Dumbledore please!"

 "I am ever so sorry Severus but no."


"you know why Severus"

"No i don't, i know not why he should not come to live with me"

Dumbledore sighed. He knew this was coming. Harry Potter's parents were dead well at least that's what the wizarding world thought. Lily was indeed Harry's mother but James was not harry's father. Severus Snape, ex-death eater, was his father.

"Okay Severus I will explain to you one last time as to why Harry should not be put into your custody. You were a death eater and should Voldemort come back he will find out that you are Harry's Father and then he will either force you into giving Harry to him or just kill you as he did James whom he thought to be Harry's Father."

"Albus i beg of you i implore you let me raise my son, i do not care if the dark lord attempts to murder me i will protect him with my life as lily and James did before me"

Dumbledore sighed an extremely long sigh. He looked at Severus for a long time before finally saying...

 "very well, we shall wait for Hagrid at private drive where harry was intended to go you will take him and protect him with your life. He is a very important little boy."

Severus did not say anything for a considerable time. He just stood wide eyed and open mouthed at Dumbledore. 

"thank-you thank-you so much headmaster you will not regret this i swear on my life"

Severus sped out of Dumbledore's office and the grounds where he apperated to private drive and waited...

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