Who does Skylar really like?


1. Are they friends or are they more?

One morning me,the boys and Skylar went out to eat breakfast Louis I think always had a crush on my sister Skylar....but I think Niall had more of a fitting image to date my sister.

"Zayn buddy how's it goin?" Louis asked. 

"Louis you're not dating my sister there's no way in hell i'd ever let you date Skylar" I explained. Louis had a look of disappointment on his face but I really didn't care.

"Skylar if you had to chose between Niall and Louis who would you date?" I asked. She hesitated for a second...

"I'd date Gem-I mean Niall only because he's like a nice boy and um...he just knows how to treat a girl" She answered. 

"Skylar is there something you want to tell me? becuase it sounded like you were gonna say Gemma" 

"No I am pretty sure I wasn't Zayn you should know i'm straight...nothing more nothing less" She claimed.

After breakfast we went to Harry's to hang out and Gemma was there.

"Skylar hey come up here with me so we can talk" She said. 

After I heard the door closed I quietly walked up the stairs and listened. 

"Skylar I really do love you and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you i'm really happy to be here with you" Said Gemma.

I put my hand over my mouth because I couldn't believe what I just heard are Skylar and Gemma really dating?

"Yeah..I love you too Gem but if Harry or even Zayn finds out we're goners...I hate that I have t hide you from Zayn but we are just 16 so..." I heard Skylar say.

"Well Skylar...maybe we can tell everyone when we go downstairs....i'm tired of hiding you from Harry and my mum and I do really love you..you're the most important part of my life" Gemma said.

I ran downstairs as quick as I could and sat down on the couch like nothing even happened. The girls came down stairs holding hands and everyone looked surprised...except for me. 

"Harold...mum...Zayn..Louis...Liam and...Niall...Me and Skylar have been dating for...a month now and..I just..yeah" said Gemma.

We all just clapped and smiled we were happy for them we actually stayed the night at Harry's and the next day is..a mystery..

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