Luke hemmings imagines

Just a bunch of imagines about the one and only Luke Hemmings


1. How you meet

You were going shopping. Once you got to the mall you had to decide what store you were going go to. You needed a new pair of Vans so you went to that store. When you walked into the store you noticed that there were four boys also in there. The tall blond looked hot you thought to yourself. You noticed a pair of ATL Vans that you wanted but you couldn't reach them. The clerk that was tending the store wasn't paying any attention to you only the four boys. Just then the blond came up and asked if you needed help. You replied yes. Then you asked him what his name was. He said Luke then asked for yours. You said y/n. He said it was a pretty name an you blushed. He got you down the shoes and asked you for your number. You gave him your number and said goodbye. He texted you later asking you on a date. You said yes and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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