Caught Out in the Rain

short story not very good with summarizing, let me know if there is any mistakes


1. Drip Drip Drop

         Running through the city tired and wariness slowing you down. The dark clouds above were heavy with rain. You look up hoping that the dark clouds will wait till you get to a safe dry place. The first clash of lightning sounds off in the distance, the thunder booms overhead warning to all that the rain will soon be begin. The clouds loom over the city ready to pour the rain within them on all who is out in the streets. You felt the first drop of water, fall onto your head, you look up and the clouds begin to pour their heavy load. You curse silently to yourself, the feeling of your sodden clothes makes you feel uncomfortable. ‘Gah! Why now of all times it decides to rain!’ 

        You continue to run and look around you can see shops close and lock up due to the oncoming storm. You can hear the doors closest to you lock. The streets all but deserted because you were out there. Windows boarded, doors locked and sealed shut. The raid begins to pour down harder streets start to flood. The wind howls its fury as the trees bend to its will. You now needing to squint to see past the wind and the rain. You have no choice but to go into an ally for shelter. You choose an ally that has little space between the walls. You try to huddle as far as you can into a corner as far as you can to shelter yourself from the rain.

        Where you lived monsoon season always brings floods so if you weren’t inside locked up safe and sound before the rain came then you were to hunker down and pray that your weren’t swept away by the raging waters. You cursed to yourself that you weren’t home safe and warm. Instead you were in an ally cold, wet, and tired. You can hear the winds whipping through all that is in its powerful path. The water that’s flooding the streets roar in the wind, threatening all who enter it to be swept away. You shiver and shake partly from the cold and partly from the fear of being carried away. The water started to rise from the streets and into the ally you were in, soaking your feet. The raging waters begin to swallow your legs. The sky is dark from the thick clouds making the growing water colder. As your body is engulfed in the flood the frigid waters drops your body temperatures you hear your teeth chattering.

        The water creeps up to you neck your chest feels heavy from the cold. The feeling of tears slide down your cheeks makes you realize just how much your in danger. You beg to god to spare your life as the water starts to go over half your face. You paddle barely keeping a float in the frigid waters and you notice the walls getting farther away! No not the walls! It was you! You frantically swim to the walls of the ally but it's to late. The raging waters drag your weakened and freezing body out any away from ally. The winds reached n howled, pushing on the fast river creating waved that crashed upon you propelled you under. You struggle to the surface but be for your able to get your whole face to the surface another powerful wave crashed onto your head, you scream out in panicked but in doing that you let out what little breath you had. Your lounges scream for the air you are so greatly denied. You claw your way up the waters to the top, you gasp as you breach out from the watery grave. You feel the heavy force of another wave knock you upside your head. The storm seems to be furious that you had got a gasp of air so the angry river thrashed you around.

        You now feeling too cold and tired to fight against the wishes of the storm. You let your body go limp and your eye lids grow heavy. Your mind goes blanket before everything goes black. The storm lightens up and the cloud lazily spread out allowing the sunshine stretch to the flooded land. The water casually flows into near by lakes and rivers, carrying everything within its depths with it.

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