Along Comes Lucia

Ever since my dad left, I haven't had anyone to talk to. I mean, now that he's gone, I am trying to look for another man in my life. I don't want another dad, I want a friend, a friend I can talk to, a friend who will take me for who I am.


1. ~Chapter 1~

I think I’m starting to understand now, now that I’m 15.  My life seems to have changed a whole lot more than I expected.  I am a mature young independent woman who is going to grow into something unforgettable.

It was four years ago today that my dad left us, at exactly 2:03am.  He didn’t say he was leaving, he just kind of went and we were never too sure why.  I mean, my parents used to argue a lot but not as much as to make him leave.  He writes me a letter once a year with a little package attached to it.  Last year he sent me a rose gold locket from a jewellers he used to own.  I’m guessing it was really expensive, as my mum says it‘s twenty-four carat gold!  I don’t know if that is a lot or not but it sounds like it the way she put it.

This is normally the day he sends the letter and package but I can’t seem to get any sleep from all the excitement that I will hear the postman.  But knowing my postman he will be late purchasing some food from the nearby shop.  He can hardly move he’s so fat!  He is really unstable and kind of weird in a way.  I mean, he’s nice but he’s creepy.  I’m drifting away from the point now.  But anyway, I just miss my Dad and I want him to come home. 


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