In this uplifting and inspiring story, 17 year old beach lover Ali struggles with her own problems at home, to make things worst she gets drawn into Heaths sphere, a 19 year old surfer and risk taker. She unveils secrets about this mystery mans glamoures past. There comes intensity and chocies she never dreamed of. The two experianced love, loss, drama and some of the greatest things life as to offer. Ali will test her talent and feelings for Heath to the limit like never before.


1. Brings People Together

Chapter 1

Brings People Together

The earth, it is constantly battered by waves. Sound waves, light waves, heat waves, radio waves, but the waves of the ocean are the only ones he would care about. When you step out into the ocean you are stepping off the everyday solid world and entering something that has way more power than anything you will ever encounter on land, and it is the greatest feeling. It's why we surf. Surfing, it brings people together. No matter where you're from, no matter your race or background, no matter what your beliefs, the waves are waiting. We are our own tribe, he calls us the children of the ocean. We are the people who leave our land lives behind and come together into the sea and play.


I was sitting alone, watching the waves roll under the orange and pink sky as  the sun sets, letting my thoughts guide my feelings. I was thinking a lot about what happened that day. I liked thinking out here, it was as if listening to the waves, washed away the pain. I was wondering if Heath really meant everything he said today, like how he doesn’t want to die old in a bed, instead he would rather be doing something crazy, die with a story to be told or something. It made me worried honestly, he was crazy. I then remember helping him take of his wetsuit to only then notice his tattoo. My mum would kill me if she found out I had a major crush on a guy with a tattoo. I wonder if he wanted me to see it, maybe he regretted it, that’s why. It was in an elegant old fashioned running writing font that said 'Do more than just exist.' I thought it was beautiful. It sat nicely on his right shoulder blade, wasn’t too big but wasn’t too small. I then here Alt-J playing knowing someone was ringing me, it was a blocked number but I answered anyway.


"Hey, it's Heath, can I come over?"

It was around 7:30pm, and I was there sitting on the beach still in my damp togs from today, I had a throw over white summer dress, with very obvious wet marks on my boobs from my bikini, embarrassing much.

"uh, I am not home."

"where are you then, I want to see you."

Ok so first of all was this still reality, a hot American surfer boy wants to see me? At sunset, like a date?

"I am at north shore."

"Ok, I will be there in 5."

"wait, what are we doing?"

"I wanna show you something"

He then hanged up, he really was a boy full of surprises. 

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