Dear Diary

Me and the shit I go through, hope you like it.


1. 2016-01-14

Dear Diary,

I've never really found the point in writing my thoughts to no one but the one thing I know is that writing always made me feel in control when I was stressed. Other then drawing a complete blank when it comes to writing things about my adventures I have only one, maybe two places that I might have an interesting thing to talk about and those inspirational places would be school and work. I mean just today I was called into work by my sister and I didn't want to at first, of course but I ended up going for a 3-11 shift. And yes it was almost exciting enough that I nearly cried, not. Anyway I pulled through and with the seemly never ending gaggle of people coming through front and drive.... Pause! Just so you know I work at a lovely food chain called Tim Hortons, the pay is barely worth it, the people who make the schedules really can't read and to top it off we get the not so rare customer who thinks they know everything and can judge us when they really don't  know diddly squat on how stuff works in the work place, but maybe that's just where I live.... Un-pause! Now you see in the evening shift there are less people working and there are lots of stations to work so when it comes to assigning a person to it, the system comes down to a whoever is there gets the job done. Around maybe 7:00 pm I was on front counter ( those of you who are confused, that's the area in the store where people come in and order) and a line up started, so to set things straight there were four of us now and drive takes priority because people want in and out, so about now it's just little old me with the line up. Also another thing to remember about the night shift is that we have no baker so we rely on one or two people to bake the things we need and a little more then often we fall behind because we are busy helping customers, tonight was one of those nights but here is where it gets really funny. The layout of our Tims changes because we renovated maybe 2 summers ago and as a result you can clearly see the bakers station, so you could see if we had any other donuts that were made alright? Everyone following along well? Good. ( sorry if you are having issues reading my story. If it makes you feel better I talk the same way i write)Like I said there was only me on front and a line up started, there was an old lady, two grade 12 boys and grade 10 girls. I had just finished with one customer and the old lady came up asking me if we had any honey crullers I said. ( looking at the empty showcase) "I'm really sorry but unfortunately we are all out." She then gave me a look then asked if I had any apple duchies and my response being. 

"unfortunately we don't sell those here sorry. (they discontinued those years and years ago)" Then this lady gave me a nasty look and a sigh ans responding with, " Well the apple fritters then?" I look over to the showcase again and clearly see there are no fritters, this lady needed to get a new pair of glasses. After telling her no she then started her rant. " You know you should suggest to management that if you don't have any of the product then you should put a sign that says we are out of this product and are making more because you wasted 5 minutes of my life waiting here for something you didn't have. Now I know it wasn't your fault but just for next time." Of course me being me I had to frown and say sorry and agree, when in reality I was kicking myself trying not to laugh at her, like I get it waiting can be a pain but if your not in our shoes don't judge or even maybe you could look at the freaking showcase that is even illuminated for you and notice we have none of the donuts you want and perhaps you wouldn't have wasted those precious 5 minutes that meant so much to you. Now yes those sign things would be handy but that was when the baking station wasn't in clear view of the front door, most people with common sense can see that we don't have what they wanted and try the other Tims in the area. I mean either way this lady out of all the other customers tonight made my night. That whole " wasted 5 minutes of my life" thing was a little childish but funny none the less. So I guess that I have to dedicate this entry to the mystery lady who annoyed me and made my night, so thank you mystery annoying lady for giving me something to share with the people who are brave enough to read my jumbled thoughts.

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