Love unkown

She loves him but is unaware that he loves her. What will happen when they are alone until they tell each other how they feel? What will happen afterwards?


1. Chapter One

Alex walked into school and went to his best friends Curtis and Finn. "How are you?" Alex said. "Fine. Can't wait for playing in the table tennis tournament this afternoon." Finn said. "Me neither since we are some of the best in the school." Alex replied. "Yeah but I am not as good as you so I might not enter." Curtis said. "You should enter as it will only help you to become better." Finn said. They walked off to form as the bell had just rang. "Guys, can I tell you something?" Alex asked. "Yeah sure." Curtis said. "I have a crush on someone that you will never guess who." Alex said. "Is it Chloe?" Finn asked. "How did you know?" Alex said. "Just a random guess." Said Finn. "I was planning on asking her out but I am having second thoughts about it." Said Alex. "Just go for it," said Curtis "it cannot hurt to try.". "I guess you're right but I don't know how to do it." Alex replied. "How about you just ask her and hope for the best." Suggested Curtis. "Yeah I'll try that." Alex said as they got to their form room.

Meanwhile, Chloe had just got to school and she met her friend Tallulah just outside. "Hi Chloe." Said Talulah. "Hi." Chloe replied. "So how do you hope that this day will turn out then?" Tallulah asked. "I hope that Alex will ask me out and that I can be even more happier than I already am." Said Chloe. "That could happen but it may not be today." Said Tallulah who was thinking of a wonderful plan that had just poured into her head. She needed to talk to one of Alex's friends to get them to help her with this plan. The bell rang and they had to quickly scurry off to form.

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