Lorna's adopted son 2: Fifteen Years Later

After Fifteen years since abandoned Cillian in an abandoned house, Lorna saw Cillian at the shop because he's preparing to leave United Kingdom in the morning. Now Lorna must make it up to him by trying to prevent him from leaving.


1. Rob saw Cillian in the park

On an cold winter afternoon, Rob Hutchinson's driving home in his car, he saw his ex-adopted son Cillian talking to his five half-brothers about their amazing deal that Springfield's offering. Rob felt sorry for what he did to him fifteen years ago before continue driving. 

Lorna and Ellie are walking home from the town because they went shopping and get makeup. They have a funny argument about they went to the bathroom.

'Ellie, I told you you should've go wee-wee in the ladies bathroom at the shopping centre.' Said Lorna who cheerfully embarrass her daughter.

'Oi! You the one who got to go to do your number two business and let me stay in the bathroom!' Said Ellie.

'Hey, I did not made a poo! I just want to go to the bathroom which symbol of a baby!' Said Lorna who's laugh.

'You just go to the changing room's toilet!' Said Elly.

Rob parked his car at his house and run to them.

'Hey, there's Mr. Grumpy-Wumpy.' Said Lorna who makes a cheerfully nickname on Rob.

'Lorna, Elly, He's here!' Said Rob who's worried.

'Who's here, Dad?' Asked Ellie.

'It's Cillian, he's here in Scotland.' Said Rob.

'But, I locked him in that house fifteen years ago!' Said Lorna. 'Wait, If He's here in Greenock, so that means, He escaped from that house in Wales!'

Lorna start walking to the park where Rob spotted him as she's getting furious at Cillian for disobeying him.

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