Nicole starts to find her self in dangerous little did she know the person who keeps saving her is worst then what she is in but every time harry tries to push her away she wants him to come closer to her but he keeps telling her no but she wont listen .....................


1. characters

Nicole smith  is a pretty blond teenager who is sixteen  loves to party finds her self always in dangerous situations she dates bad boys.


 Harry styles is a  dangerous seventeen year old boy who is trying to warn Nicole to keep her distance from him  but she won't listen to him   he kills and he doesn't want to harm her.

Niall horran is harry best friend he anit as dangerous as him but  he thinks harry is straight up trouble.


malik  is harrys best friend and is a trouble maker like harry

Louis Tomlinson thinks harry is bad for Nicole but think they belong to gether

liam payne thinks he will hurt nikki but know they are ment to be


































































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