I am protector

Description: He came from above, where above nobody knows. Not even he knows because on the way here he lost everything his name, his family,and his life back home. the only thing he remebers is he is a protector.


1. Prologue

"God Atea, what is my mission?" I asked.

"Well, my student,  I am sending you to a  place called earth. I fear that, soon, there will be great trouble among the other protectors. Your mission is to find the other protectors and defend earth." God Atea replied to me with a small hint of worry in his voice.

"Ok, sir. I will try my hardest." I replied with confidence and very small hesitation.

"Go now, student." God Atea urged me.

I went to the edge of  Cliff Rightlin and turned around. I said goodbye to my family. I turned, tears filling my eyes, towards the cliff, knowing that this would be the last time I would see my family in years. I jumped, spread my wings,  and flew into space, and down to earth.

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