''Cardbox City''

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2016
  • Updated: 13 Jan 2016
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At least 100 aged people on ''Mortimer'' Street, London,spend their lives in the boxes of desperation every night. Noreen and Oswald are just two of them.
This can happen or is already happening everywhere around the world.


1. 1.

    The unremembered low temperatures during the last ''arctic'' winter in Great Britain compelled Noreen, a 60-year old lady and her 65 year old husband Oswald to seek shelter in one of the various dormitory houses for old people in London.

Noreen and Oswald lived alone for more than 10 years. Their two grown-up children completely forgot about them. Maybe the old British couple was a burden for their own children. Mr. and Mrs. Mckee had no answer to that cruelty.

  Just like many old families in Great Britain, Noreen and Oswald faced difficulties paying the high gas and electricity bills. They barely survived in their home, often stayed in the cold rooms with hats and mittens. They both lived abnormal,tumultuous life.


                                                                                         . . .


One day, at dusk, the British couple packed some of their stuff in an old suitcase and left their cold house. Before leaving it, Noreen wrote a letter to the children, just in case if someday they decide to come back home again.

The Mckees finally arrived and knocked on the ''Last Hope Dorm'' and after several freezing minutes of waiting, a woman came and told them bluntly that there is only one bed left unoccupied.

-We'll take it!-said Oswald

-We'll sleep together!-confirmed Noreen.

The woman just looked them with disgust,replied''O.K.'' and showed the old couple the infested with other old men and women big room.

The ''Last Hope Dorm'' was built 150 years ago. Dirt was everywhere. Beds were drawn very near to each other. The bathroom was just one and cockroaches, lice and other bugs can be seen in every corner. The two toilets were like a place from somebody's nightmare and there is no running water from half of the sinks.

Seeing all of this, Noreen and Oswald felt like animals,locked in a barn. But had they any other chance?


                                                                                        . . .


    Luckily, the night passed by quickly. To Mrs. Mckee dismay, the suitcase with the couple's belongings was vanished.

-Oswald, wake up! Our suitcase is gone!

-Bloody hell,honey! One or maybe two of these geezers robbed us last night during our sleep-answered the 65-year old man

-Let's get immediately out of here-suggested irritated Noreen.

 Oswald tried to make an investigation but his efforts were in vain-the few people who remained in the morning in the building knew nothing at all. Or at least that was what they have said.

Noreen and Oswald, with only the clothes on their backs, left this rotten place forever

-Some London streets are cleaner than this hole,right Oswald?

-Definitely, Noreen! Ah, speaking of streets, look in front of you!

  At this moment the old British couple were just seeing how the numerous card-boxes were getting alive. That's right-in the centre of London, in the heart of West End-the rich district infested with cinemas,theatres, restaurants, fancy shops and bars, there was countless card-boxes on the pavement from the beginning to its very end.

Noreen and her husband who have seen much in their lives, never thought that one day will see something so bizarre. Oswald saw the name of the street-it was ''Mortimer'' Street. It was the couple's first walk in this street.

-Welcome to the street hotel,Oswald, this is where we'll accommodate for a....while, I hope-said without an irony the old lady

-I see an empty card-box over there! Let's go,honey-suggested Mr. Mckee.

   The Mckees strutted their tired feet to the abandoned big, brown box and hid themselves in it,

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