Planet Of Dreams

This is my first entry in any competition ever. As I'm participating in "Lets Draw your story." This is the fascinating approach to the world of Science Fiction as I have explained in the description that Life finally started on the Titan and some Peoples were sent there and the story teller is one of that persons... I hope you guys will enjoy this ;p....


1. 'Planet of Dreams'

From the Author:

"Sometimes, Peoples are beautiful. Not in the way they Looks....Not in what they say.....Just in what they are....From the inside Heart, Body and Mind. If you succeeded in giving them peace already, This will be the never ending joy that fill you up with so much wondrous thoughts, light and illuminated you up in such a way that you glows (Not to mention the Vampires in Twilight) with your own attractive enchantment that peoples start pulling towards you and there is no doubt that you make something special out of it. Same did happened when I made my this creation and I'm sure that you will be."

The Sky was just like a luminous  glass through which the outer beauty of space was visible ...The sky can't bare the beauty of planet but also can't elude it. The smooth wind when blandly hug the grass, the fascinating moment can't be avoided. The trees were standing there as were enjoying life to it's fullest even though they don't have much that left but they were all deliriously enjoying and feeling the happiness of grass at that moment.The Wooden Bench on which someone was used to sit under the shadowy tree was now waiting and left with some hope that one day someone will come.The wind that was hugging the grass ,was now twirling all over as if shy of the romance it was doing with grass. The different grassy plains were looking so much ripped with life that the colors were infinite and the beauty were beyond the limits. All the Life itself has own beauty and was so peaceful to be glanced. The amazing scent of the Air, the moist and fresh fragrance make me feel so much full of life and at that time I was feeling that I'm the luckiest person in whole Universe who was chosen to witness such a beauty, Yes This is Titan known as'The Planet of Dreams' and I was among the 6 Luckiest people who were sent here and I'm so much happy right now Oh wait wait's the time OMG ....Am I finally gonna See this? How Lucky Am I? This is the time when the sky finally change it's color. Yeah, The sky here change it's color after every 16 hours. This is due to the dispersion of spectrum. When the  sunlight strike the Saturn, much of it reflect back through it's Ring and this light when strike the poles of the planet Titan, it gives rise to the specific type of color which will repeat after the other 6 after some specific time... and now it's the time for my favorite color Violet. It was so dreamy that I rub my eyes to see if this is all for real and it was beyond any doubt. I was sitting on the grassy plains and sifting my hand through it. The feeling was amazing as moist fragile grass was kissing my hand. I was just sitting there... the time passes by, the clouds just glide through, the wind just greeting, the trees just cheering and It was more than just excitement to feel all that and I on the other hand, was like tight to the grassy ground there is no doubt that I will spend my life sitting there and watching and watching and watching........................

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