She's the queen of the Underworld, a ray of light in an otherwise black abyss- and she loves it. She loves the chill that creeps up her skin whenever she's alone, and she loves the echoes that reverberate off the empty halls. She loves calm that seeps into everything there, and she loves the man who has wrapped himself in such a place. She loves Hades.

[Sequel-ish to Hades but can be read by itself]


1. Prologue


There is a beauty in silence that I could never manage to capture. It wraps around me like careful hug, and I wonder how I was ever allowed such a thing. There is no urgency in silence, no demand. There is only the calmness that comes with emptiness, and I am impressed I haven't ruined it somehow.

Silence has never been a friend of mine. My life is filled with movement and madness, and it is only in arms ice-cold that I can experience something different.

Hades is different.

He is like the calmness that is silence, and he's just as beautiful. His arms hold me with an almost fearful reverence, and I wonder how I was ever allowed such a thing.

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