Love at first fight?

Emily James is 14 years old and HATES the band One Direction. Meanwhile, her sister Kate who is 17 is OBSESSED with them! She's always talking about them. What happens when one day it all goes wrong?


1. Finding out

                     "Emily! Kate! Dinner's ready! It's getting cold!" Mom yells upstairs. I can smell the aroma of pasta with broccoli and chicken soaring through the air. I pull my hair into a tight ponytail and close out my tab on my laptop. I can hear Kate listening to One Direction music in her room. I open my door and go downstairs. Mom's still in her apron and Dad's putting pasta on plates. "Emily! Can you please get Kate for me? Thanks honey!" Mom says to me. I go back upstairs and knock on Kate's door. She opens it smiling then frowns when she sees me. She's wearing her 1D concert tee and her mascara is smeared down her cheeks. "WHAT DO YOU WANT EMILY?! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY!" she yells at me. Well yells is an understatement. "Mom wants you for dinner Kate. Chill out, geez" I reply annoyed. I go back downstairs and pour myself a glass of lemonade. Then, I sit down at the table. Kate comes down in a black tank, gray leggings and her makeup is perfect. She did that in 3 minutes?! "Girls we have an announcement to make. We're moving." Mom starts. "We're moving to LA!" Dad continues. I stare and them in disbelief. Then suddenly, I run into my room and lock the door. I pick up my phone and immediately facetime my best friend Liv. "Em! What's wrong girl? Who made my best friend cry?!" Liv shouts into the phone. "I'm moving to LA. WHY? Why now? Brian was finally acting like he was into me and I have YOU! You've stayed with me all these years! You know the worst part? We're leaving tomorrow!" I cry sadly. Liv erupts into tears and we air hug over the phone like always. "I have to go pack I guess. Can you come over in an hour?" I ask her. "I wish! Tom has a football game my Mom's making me go! Tomorrow morning 8 AM sharp?" she asks. "Ok bye Livvy Liv Lou." I say sadly. I hang up and put my phone on my desk. I take my blue and green suitcase out of my closet. I pack my favorites tees, pants,  skirts, and shorts. I also pack 2 floral dresses Liv bought me in April and I pack a short black dress my Mom bought me a few weeks ago. Then I put my favorite purple hairbrush, hair elastics, a few pairs of earrings, my ruby necklace, an emerald ring that was once my great grandmothers, and some makeup. I add 2 pairs of black flats, 1 pair of brown flats, 1 pair of pink flats, 1 pair of brown sandals, 1 pair of gold sandals, and 3 pairs of flip flops. Pajamas, I pack 2 pairs. Suddenly, I hear a knock on my door. Mom is standing there her face stained with tears. "Emily, I love you honey. Dad got a big job in LA and he couldn't decline the offer. Kate's happy because she's hoping to meet One Direction. I know it'll be hard to leave Liv. Dad make his famous apple crumble pie. Why don't you come join us?" Mom asks me. "No thanks. I'm gonna go to bed. Not feeling very feel. Night Mom." I shoot back rudely. Mom nods and slowly leaves my room closing the door behind her. I change into a pair of red plaid pajama pants and a black tank top. Then, I go into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I climb into bed even though it's only 7:00. I sit there staring at the dark ceiling thinking about how much I'm going to miss living here. My room, Liv, dance practice and competitions, Brian. I feel tears roll down my cheeks. Eventually I fall asleep.


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