Dreams to Nightmares

"I used to be a dreamer," she exclaimed, the moonlight danced in her eyes.
He laughed, "Yeah, so did I," his voice grew sad as he thought about it, "But then the world turned into a living nightmare."


1. --Tori's POV--


"Mom no! You can't let them take me away," I yell. A man was pinning my arms behind my back as he dragged me from my house, tears streaming heavily down my face. "Mom," I exclaim softly. He pushes me into the back of the van. I hit my head on a shelf that had been nailed into the wall. He slammed the doors shut leaving me in total darkness.

For almost five minutes, I sat there. Tears streaming down my cheeks and I closed my eyes picturing my home. My mother sitting in her chair, eyes wide open staring straight ahead. She lost dad when I was six and now eight years later she was losing me. 

"It isn't real," I whispered, "It can't be."

The small moan pulled me out of the haze I had been in. I drew in a shaky breath and squinted through the darkness. That's when I saw him.

A boy. He was my age. Maybe a bit older. He was slumped against the wall. I crawled over to him. He must have struggled pretty hard; they knocked him out to keep him from hurting them.

I looked at him. Scanned him. He had blonde hair. It hung in his eyes, damp with sweat. He had probably been working in the fields when they grabbed him. He started moaning, twitching, like he was having a bad nightmare. 

I brushed hair from his forehead. "Shh, shh. Its okay." his eyes fluttered open softly. He looked up at me and whispered

"It will never be okay."


"Tori. Tori. Wake up." A hand was on my shoulder shaking me out of the nightmare.

"Cam, is that you? What's wrong?" I asked, sitting up quickly reaching for the lamp. He reached out and grabbed my wrist.

"I was about to ask you the same question. You didn't come up to the roof tonight, so I came to make sure you were okay. I found you murmuring in your sleep. Is everything alright?" I took a breath and flopped back down against the mattress. I realized then that I was drenched in sweat and my hands were shaking. Cameron reached out and held them in his.

"I'm so sorry Cam. I don't remember anything that happened after my beating today. I must have blacked out." I shook my head and closed my eyes again.

"It's okay. I was just worried. You stay here and get some more rest. We'll talk tomorrow."

"Thank you Cam. I'm really sorry. Promise you'll stay safe?" I asked sitting up one last time.

He looked into my eyes and gave my hand a squeeze. "I promise." 

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