I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


1. A Sorting

'Ah, yes, I think.....RAVENCLAW!' A small girl blossomed up and skipped to one of the four tables. She was greeted by the other people at the long table. The four tables were in a hall. A very long one at that. It was made out of old stone and candles floated in mid-air underneath a ceiling. It didn't look like a ceiling, it looked like a night sky populated with stars. A bundle of eleven year old children stood in a small pack near the front of the hall, each one bedazzled by the candles and ceiling. In front of them was a woman in an emerald green robe and pointed hat, she was holding a long scroll in her right hand and in her left was an old and worn hat. It was an odd hat, it had pathetic eyes (which were creases in the fabric) and a drooped mouth (which was another crease) The woman stood before another long table, but this one was facing the rest of the hall and the other tables in neat columns. At this table were seated various old men and women, each wearing robes and some, pointed hats. 

The woman in green was calling out names from her scroll and placing the hat above the children's heads. The children were also wearing robes. Name after name, she called various children who were seated on a stool and had the hat placed on their heads. The hat would speak in its old and tired voice and cry out one of four houses-Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. 

'Evans, Lily' The woman in green said. A small girl with shoulder length ginger hair came out of the crowd and perched herself on a stool. The hat then said 'Yes, mmhh, better be... GRYFFINDOR' The girl beamed and walked merrily to one of the tables. Little did she know, one other boy in the bunch was watching her. He had messy, brown hair and wore round glasses. He was smiling as he watched the girl.

Then a boy from behind him who had long black hair noticed him and said 'Good looking, isn't she?' The first boy whizzed around, surprised, and said 'Oh, her? Yeah well, I guess so.' The other boy smiled as he shook his hand and said 'Hi, I'm Sirius Black' and the first boy said back 'Hey, I'm James Potter.' They quickly grew into a whispered conversation, talking about what house they wanted to be in and were getting to know each other. Very quickly, The woman in green said another name, 'Potter,James'

At this, James looked over at Sirius, who merely smiled and gave a hidden thumbs up. James sat himself carefully on the stool and awaited the hat. 'Ah, yes, okay. You seem ready, brave and have a great heart. Well then, obviously.....GRYFFINDOR!' James stood up and strolled over to the Gryffindor table. His insides glowed brightly, he was sitting next to Lily Evans. He received many pats on the back and cheers and he turned himself to face Lily and said 'Hi, I'm James Potter' Lily said in return 'I know, I just saw you up there. I'm Lily by the way.'

Many other people were called out. There was, however, one that stood out to James. He was a pale, blank looking child who was very skinny. He had dark eyes and chin length greasy black hair. This boy had a strange name, Severus Snape and he was sorted into Slytherin house. Soon enough, Sirius was sorted and he was sorted into Gryffindor house and he came and sat next to James.

After the children were sorted, the woman in green opened out the left side of her robe and grabbed a wand that was kept snug in a pocket. The wand was black with a brown handle and it was around 12 inches in length. The woman in green then waved the wand before the hat and stool and then they both disappeared in a small puff of smoke. She then returned the wand to her robe and then turned around and sat down at the fifth long table at the front.

An old man, who was sat next to her rose up from his chair and said 'Welcome, to a new year at Hogwarts. I am Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster. The lady who just hosted the sorting is our very own Professor McGonagall, she is one of many teachers here at Hogwarts, each teaching a fascinating, magical subject,' Dumbledore continued his speech but during this, James took a moment to look him over. He had long grey hair and an extremely long beard with a few beads tied into it. He had an old and wrinkled face and perched upon his crooked nose was a pair of half-moon glasses. After this brief inspection, James continued to listen to his new headmaster. 'Now, before our feast, may I just quickly say that the dark forest on the outskirts of the school is forbidden to every student. Now, anyway, let our feast begin...'

Dumbledore waved both hands and, as he did so, hundreds of golden plates appeared on every table and they were stacked with various different food types, each looking very appetizing. The were large plates with turkeys and chicken legs and there were smaller plates with roast potatoes and vegetables. There were also jugs with various juices, James heard some students saying that it was pumpkin juice. There were even bottles with a bright yellow bubbling liquid in them labelled 'Butterbeer'. 

Sirius, once he saw the label, grabbed the nearest empty goblet, took of the cork from the bottle and poured the Butterbeer into the goblet. Instead of the drink sitting in the goblet, it deflected off the top of the goblet and spilled across the table and over Sirius' collection of roast potatoes and chicken legs. Sirius frowned, clearly disappointed that he didn't get a chance to taste the drink. Then out of no-where, a pale brown wand pointed at the spilled drink and a voice said 'Evanesco'

The drink instantly disappeared and the wand drew back and then James and Sirius saw the owner. He looked young and smart, he had swift, light brown hair and he had light eyes. 'Don't try that again, the butterbeer has an enchantment on it to stop any young wizards drinking it,' he said. 'Hi, I'm Remus, Remus Lupin,' he said calmly as he stuck out his hand, James and Sirius shook it and introduced themselves. The three of them talked whilst mowing away at the feast. James and Sirius managed to gather that Remus was clever and bright, and Remus clearly took a liking to showing it off.

Once everyone had finished their main course, desserts were served up and then the hall of students was dismissed. All the Gryffindors followed this one, older boy up to their common room. On the way, the three newly made friends noticed the many fascinating things about their new school:staircases that constantly change, moving and talking pictures and many other peculiar things they could scarcley imagine. Once they reached the common room, they all went up to their dormitory and spoke very late into the night, talking about the various wonders of their new school.

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