Part of the Wolf Tribe

My name is Cassanlena. My mother abandoned me when I was only a cub, because my father left her one night. She set out to find him, she knew he wasn't dead. She left me close to the nearest tribe, besides her own. Then Elani found me. She was like a mother to me. But I waited and waited for my real mother. I still am.


1. Prolouge

"Stay safe," Mother whispered. "Stay here,"

She dropped me gently in the bush.

 "I'll be back soon, with Father,"

She licked the fur on my head and cleaned me.

 Then she turned around and ran away to find him.

I watched as her beautiful, bushy tail flew out of sight.

My mother's tail.

Her tail.


Everything was going to change now.


Everything was going to change because she was gone.

I was alone now.

 Without her.


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