Anxious times

Do think write.


1. anxious times

I sit in my house knowing I have a wonderful family car job and tv,

but all I ever seen to do ever do is to non stop worry.

It's not normal its strange and a weakness of mine,

But I can't stop it happening all of the time.

It won't listen to reason or act on good words,

To a normal person it must be absurd.

But I have to deal with it all of the time

Acting normal and jokey and fine

Feeling like I can't talk through fear of laughter

Makes me feel small and even dafter

It got to much and I ran away,

I ended up crying on my own that day

With help from those close I realised I was strong,

Yes I now take medication but that isn't wrong

I am more like my old self even if not perfect

But the course of counselling is definitely worth it.

Yes I found it hard to walk through that door

But I soon realised the doctor had heard it before.

By no means cured I will live with this for ever

But now I can control my curse to of which I am tethered

Anxiety issues can be harsh and cruel

But we must fight hard to fix them and not let them rule

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