Generic lovestory

Someone I met a long time ago. Looking back the story had a rocky start, a beautiful middle, and an end I hoped would of went another direction.


1. Chapter 1

~~Did I ever tell you the story about how we met? It was a great start to what I thought would be a lifelong friendship. It had its twists and turns, ups and downs and many, many bumps. Sometimes the bumps turned into craters, and I never knew how I’d get out of it. But somehow, I never lost sight what’s important, and you shouldn’t either. If you never take a risk in life or love, you never know where it could lead you, or the people it could lead you to. And that in itself is a wonderful journey. 
I remember driving home from work, that warm night in August. Living so close to the beach, it made for a nice breeze outside and a great drive home the sun was setting and it was an all around good day. Earlier at work I got a text message from my roommate, saying you, her nephew was coming into town for a couple weeks to visit California. I reassured her I wouldn’t get in the way, and she mentioned she’d be gone for a week with business and if I could take you around and sight see things until she got back. I figured why not? I could show this little 17 year old kid around, what’s the harm in that?
I drove up to the house, and turned off my car. I remember walking up the front porch and all the lights in the house were on, like it was a freaking carnival or something. I walked in and saw you sitting on the couch in a soda stained white t-shirt, a pair of raggedy torn green pants, and you; playing your play station. I nodded at you and said a quick hello as I turned off all the lights in the house. You didn’t acknowledge me much, as you sat there eating your flaming hot Cheetos and wasabi peanuts. I made a gross face as I watched you wash all of it down with a Sunny D. To be a teenager again, did I miss it? No. Then you fed some to the dog. I mentioned it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but did you listen? Of course not; and who got to clean up the diarrhea later? Me. I was bored with you, and I was only home for 15 minutes. I went to my room, and went to bed.

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