Not Quite Glass

We all know the story of Cinderella. The girl of kindness who was rewarded by falling in love with the handsome prince at the ball. But what if... she already had a prince? Not one of wealth and status, but right at home. Should she marry the Prince and escape the life she had, or endure to be with the one she loves? *An Ever After Fanfiction*


1. The Boy Next Door

Fireworks glowed over the palace in brilliant colors while I watched eagerly. Never before had I seen anything so beautiful. 

"Have you ever seen anything so pretty, Lincoln?" I glanced over to find him staring at me, a silly smile playing on his lips. Lincoln was different from other boys. He had a limp in one leg and most of boys wouldn't play with him, but Lincoln was my dearest friend. For that reason, I would always be grateful for his crippled leg that brought us together. 

"Only once Miss Daniel." I looked back at the sky, wondering what could possibly be more beautiful.

"What was it Lincoln, do tell me." When I looked at him again he wasn't really smiling, but instead he seemed to be studying my face, memorizing every detail like he might never see me again. 

"Only you are more beautiful, Daniel. You are the prettiest thing I have ever seen, and your heart is more beautiful then any girl in the village." His eyes shined like stars as I gazed into them. I wasn't sure how to respond, so instead I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. I was only 9 but I was sure this was the magic everyone talked of in fairytales. Our parents laughed and joked about the two of us being in love and getting married. But Lincoln was only 11. Marriage wouldn't come for awhile. We ignored their talk and pretended to be alone for awhile until the fireworks ended and it was time for Lincoln to leave. 

"Goodbye Lincoln," I whispered, hugging him quickly. 

"When will I see you again?" I added frantically. When he didn't meet my gaze I knew it would be a long time.

"Father is taking me to a doctor far away from here. He might be able to fix my leg." I nodded, blinking back tears.

"Oh, that would be wonderful." 

"Yes it will be." 

"When will you be back?" 

"We don't know, it could be a year..." His voice trailed off, hinting that it could be longer. 

"I see," I looked at the ground, unsure how to say a proper goodbye. I didn't know who I would play with and talk to with Lincoln gone. He bent down to the ground and picked a wild flower, then he put it in my hands.

"For you. Whenever you start to miss me, you can look at this and know I'm coming home soon." I held the flower close to my heart. It was childish, but it meant the world.

"Thank you Lincoln. I feel so sorry, I haven't anything to give you in return." He smiled bashfully and mumbled,

"Well there is something you could give me." 

"What's that?" 

"A kiss." I gasped in horror. I had never kissed a boy before.

"Please Daniel? Just a little one? On the cheek?" I glanced at our parents who were finishing a conversation and not paying us any attention. 

"Well, alright. Just a little one I guess." I raised up on tip toes and planted a quick kiss on his right cheek. 

"Now away with you," I teased pushing him as I tried to hide my pink cheeks and smile.

"You won't get a real one until you come back to me." 

"Can I have your word on that?" He asked in the same teasing tone.

"Of course." I curtsied, holding out the skirt of my ragged, dirty dress.

"I shall return without a cane running into your arms, and waiting your kiss, Miss Daniel." He bowed and then his parents began to walk over. I waited outside as they got into their carriage and watched them until they were too far down the road to be seen in the dark night. Waving the entire time with one hand, and holding the wild flower in the other as my hopes soared. For I didn't know I wouldn't see my Lincoln again until the end of 8 long years. 

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