Tropical Troubles

When Meloetta has yet returned home from her vacation in Hawaii. Ashley, Noah, Joey and Zach(a Zaroark) all go there to see what's up. When everything's okay they all decide maybe it's a good time for a vacation for themselves. At least until it turns out they're not the only ones visiting the island...


1. Late

You may remember how when my friends and I searched for Meloetta when an evil Darkrai tried to capture the legendary trio Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, it turned out that she was actually in Hawaii(okay so I forgot, we all make mistakes). Well a few weeks after the whole issue, Meloetta had not yet returned. Both Henry and I began to worry about her. She never came through the natural worm hole we knew would be appearing near where she was staying.
"Okay what you think we should do?" Henry asked me.
"I'll go," I told him.
"That's fine, but keep an eye out for evil pokemon." Henry said.
"I don't understand how so many survived." I thought allowed.
"Well we'll just have to take care of it the best we can." said Henry.
I nodded.
As I left though a strange thought went through my mind.'If there was evil versions of every pokemon, could there be an evil version of Arceopogrin and me as well...'
                                                                *                                    *                                  *

I decided to bring Noah and Joey along with me to Hawaii. They honestly needed it because they really did not get out enough. They were always to busy playing video games. So, I picked them up and Zach, my Zoroark, drove us to the airport.
"I never thought I'd ever get to go to Hawaii." said Joey.
"Me neither." said Noah.
"Well remember, we've got a mission. So maybe after we find Meloetta then we can relax." I told them.
"You and your missions. You never take the time to relax." Zach says.
"Well if you are ever somehow magically transformed into a Legend, then you'd see exactly how easy it is to relax." I joke.
"You're sooooooo funny." He said sarcastically.

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