Wizards, Witches, Magic and Muggleborns.

I'm a first year Hogwarts student. I love magic and everything to do with it. I don't have any friends. They don't like me. I'm a Muggleborn.


1. Before

School was boring.Well, that's what everybody said.No, not me, I loved it.Working to my heart's content, showing off everything I could do and reading. Oh; reading. I loved it: pages filled with words about anything. Anything. There was everything I loved at school. The only problem there was the lack of someone who understood me.Everyone else was into football and played violent games and into the same music and they all had friends who liked the same things as them. I mean, come on! Really? Games and football? Anyway, no one understood me, and it was no better at home.


Home was like hell. Dad. Come again? Oh you mean the fatherly figure every boy needs and deserves. Don't have one. Well, I suppose I do but... he isn't with me. Never got to see him. I lived with my mum. She's the one I look up to all the time. I love her so much. I mean, who needs a dad when you've got a lovely caring mother to look after you? See, it seems like for every bad thing there is a good in return.

My life seemed worthless and crazy. That's what I thought. That's what I thought until I heard a great sound. The drop of post through the letter box.

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