Sometimes you need two people to break a curse

A year after Ben's coronation the core four and Ben meet an old friend of his. Aleah daughter of Aladdin. What will happen when they meet her? Will they become enemies or close friends? And what will happen when said girl is going to be crowned queen of Arabia soon? Well then your going to have to wait and see.
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1. chapter 1

It had been a year since the core four had come from the isle of the lost to Auradon. And a new batch had just come in, but Ben needed a break from them and from being King and just wanted to be with his friends for a day. So he made sure everyone's plans were clear so they could hang out. They had breakfast at the castle then they went to take a walk through the park at noon. There weren't that many people so it made the time there a lot nicer.

There was a bench that had a nice shade from the tree that was perched next to it so they decided to sit there Ben and Mal on the bench with Evie sitting on the ground next to them. While Jay and Carlos sat in the grass opposite to them. Carlos cuddling closer to Jay, they have been dating for a few months and have been even more inseparable then before.

Jay and Carlos were flirting while Evie was using her mirror to check on Doug since he had gotten sick and occasionally checked on Dude at the vet because Carlos had to take him last night since the dog had also gotten sick. Mal was playing with Bens hair when he noticed a rose growing beside the bench he picked it up but let out a scream when he saw his hand turn into a paw.

"Okay Mal very funny you can cut it out." He said turning to look at Mal.

"Um this is not me Ben." She said looking at all the fur coming out from basically everywhere on his body.

"Evie?" He asked. She looked up at him and let out a soft laugh.

"Sorry Ben this isn't my kind of magic." She said.

"Guys?" He asked, Carlos shrugged and Jay chuckled.

"You know I don't do magic." Said Carlos.

"Hey is that a tiger over there." Said Jay looking behind Ben just a few yards away was a big tiger but before anyone could answer him.

"Uffff" grunted Ben as something fell on him or more like someone jumped on him. Jay immediately got up ready to attack the attacker. When Ben got up with a girl on his back and they were both laughing.

"Don't tell me you forgot about me beast boy." Said the girl she seemed small and she was very tan with long black hair and chocolate eyes.

"This is not what I had in mind when you said you were going to drop by." Said Ben. Jay slightly relaxed but everyone was already on their feet and Mal’s eyes started to glow green.

"Oh is this the girl you left Audrey for, man, nice job beasty," said the girl as she jumped off Ben and walked over to shake Mal's hand, she was short maybe be even slightly shorter than Carlos but was fit. She had strong arms and her shoulders were broad. "Hey nice job getting him away from Audrey she was such a bitch."

"That is not proper language for a princess." Said Ben, she's a princess? Thought Jay. She doesn't look like a princess she was in a purple top and dark blue skinny jeans with black ankle boots. The only thing about her that seemed princessy was the fact that she didn't seem to have a hair out of place.

"Ugh Ben don't even start." Said the girl.

"Oh right everyone this is Princess Aleah daughter of Sultan Aladdin and Queen Jasmine." Said Ben as he gestured towards her. Jay slightly tensed and Carlos held Jays hand and massaged circles around his hand.

"And you must be Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. Ben doesn't shut up about you guys. Oh and this giant fur ball is Raj." Said Aleah as she got lifted up by a big tiger. Just then a small monkey jumped on Ben. "Oh and that's Boo."

"So you know who we are and that we're."

"Kids of villains yeah but it's all cool." Said Aleah cutting off Evie. "I could honestly careless about titles. So what if you’re the daughter of Malificant you sound like an amazing creative girl. So what if you’re the daughter of the Evil Queen I hear you’re the most sweetest and smartest girls at Auradon High. So what if you’re the son of Cruella De Vill I hear you got along really well with Dude. And most of all I could careless if your father was Jafar my grandfather always talks about him but he never focuses on the bad parts of him he talks about how he use to be before he got greedy. Even then from what I've heard from Ben and from what I've seen I think the only thing you got from Jafar was your eyes. Your kind and you protect your friends. I saw you go up against Malificant during the broadcasting of the coronation that took guts and maybe a bit of stupidity. I've seen some videos of when you play tourney and your so determined. You guys are nothing like your parents and I'm nothing like mine either. My father was an orphan living in the streets and my mother was a princess. I'm my own person cause I got the best of both. I know who to trust and who not to trust and I don't base it off who your parents are." Aleah looked into all of their eyes to show she meant every word she said. Jay relaxed and also felt relieved with a hint of happiness? He wasn't really sure.

Aleah looked at Ben and realized he was still under the spell.

"Whoops sorry Ben. Remember you have to remind me of things." She slightly scolded Ben as she took the rose from him that he was still holding. She snapped her finger and the rose burst into flames and Ben turned back to normal.

"Huh I'll have to admit you looked better as a beast." Said Aleah teasingly.

"Wait you know magic?" Asked Mal she was so used to a lot of people shunning magic even though they were slightly starting to accept it again in their lives.

"Yeah it kinda helps with um stuff." Muttered Aleah as she all of a sudden became really interested on the grass and put her hands in her pockets.

"Aleah it's okay you can tell them." Said Ben as he nudged Aleah. She stared at Ben and they seem to have a quiet exchange before she sighed in defeat.

"Okay okay well the thing is-uff" she got pushed off her tiger and nearly landed on her face if Jay hadn't caught her.

"Well well well I thought I smelled a rodent." Said a guy that the core four have never seen before least they can't recall. Aleah straighten up and turned to face the guy.

"Go away Chess." She growled and stared him down.

"Shocker you didn't s-sstttutter" said Chess with a freaky giant smile. He must be the son of the Cheshire Cat. Thought Carlos.

"Leave her alone." Said Ben trying to use his king voice.

"Ben it's fine I'm okay." Said Aleah.

"So I heard you're gonna be crowned Queen of Arabia is that true?" Questioned Chess, the more Jay looked at him the more freaky he seemed, his skin was almost translucent his eyes were purple and Jay could've sworn he saw cat ears poking out of spiky hair.

"Yes it's true." Said Aleah with a harsh tone.

"Now why would they let the defective princess rule the land of Arabia. Well actually I guess it does make since its full of street rats just like your father." Chess said he seemed to be purring but it was hard to tell. Aleah had balled her hands up into fists that were turning white.

"Oh is the little street rat getting mad?" Questioned chess with his creepy smile as if Aleah's reaction is exactly what he was looking for.

"Oh wait wouldn't you be more of a mouse? Well either way your just a worthless princess who has issues and is her fathers little street mouse." Chess said. The core four were about to snap at him when Aleah screamed and punched the tree next to them and it made a screeching noise as it snapped and fell back.

"I. Would. Leave. Right. Now. If I were you. Or next time it will be your face. Because believe me when I say this I am not the same girl I use to be." She said as her hands trembled and Chess took off running. Once he was out of sight Aleah hugged herself as she slowly fell to the floor. Her tiger leaning towards her to comfort her.

Everyone was in shock. The core four had never seen a princess being the one who was bullied. In fact they had never met a princess quiet like Aleah. She didn't dress like she needed to impress someone, she wasn't super bubbly, she used magic, and most of all she was crying, she was crying real tears with so much raw emotion.

Ben hadn't seen her explode that bad in years. The worst part is that he also hadn't seen her in so long. Sure they kept in touch talked almost every other day. But even then he knew she was keeping things from him. Ben had thought maybe eventually she would tell him what's going on. He should've been a better friend and ask.

Jay was the first one to react he kneeled down carefully. Aleah was crying into the fur of Raj and the tiger licked her arm. He carefully peeled her off Raj and hugged her tightly like if he wanted to squeeze together all her broken pieces. Because that's exactly how she felt broken and Jay knew, he knew because that's how he felt sometimes, he knew cause that's how Carlos feels all the time. He held Carlos all the times he woke up crying because of the nightmares he had of Cruella. But it was different for Aleah she grew up in a perfect place which meant she was supposed to be perfect but she wasn't and she had accepted that a long time ago. But that didn't mean that the comments didn't stop her from exploding, she had issues after all no matter how hard she tried to contain them. Jay held her as she cried into his chest letting out a scream of pure hatred every now and then.

Carlos was next to react. He held her hand and messaged circles into it. He knew how she felt being worthless. He always felt like the worthless villain even though he was the son of Cruella. He knew her pain and her hatred. The hate you feel against the world, against those who believed you were nothing, against yourself. He knew it all too well and he had hope it would go away when they came to Auradon but it hadn't it was still there and he saw it in her.

Evie kneeled down behind Aleah and stroked her long black hair. She didn't like seeing people being bullied about their differences. Especially after what had happened with Chad. She wasn't going to let anyone get bullied again.

Mal just sat down close to them and started humming a lullaby she had heard. Ben had told her that she had a soothing voice so she hoped she could help out in at least that. She cared a lot about her friends and Ben. She could see the strong friendship Ben had with Aleah like her friendship with her friends. She would protect Aleah just like she protected everyone else she held close to her.

Ben was making sure no one came close to them. He knew who he could trust and right now the only ones he trusted to be with her was his friends. He tried really hard to understand the things that Aleah was going through while they were growing up. But even he couldn't understand most of the things she went through. Not even when she had her meltdowns. By the time he had learned how to be a good friend her parents pulled her out of school and decided to go traveling hoping that would help their "troubled" daughter. He finally knelt down when he heard Aleah mumble a small ow.

"Are you okay Aleah?" He asked as she brushed some of her hair out of her face. She slowly pulled away from Jay who still kept and arm on her shoulder. She had the arm she had used to punch the tree close to her chest and it was turning different shades of purple, red, and blue.

"I um I think I might've broken my arm." She said taking deep breaths and extending her arm to study it.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Asked Carlos.

"Yeah but it's not my first broken arm or the first tree I've broken. You should see how many punching bags I go through when I work out." She said as she tried to keep her voice steady. "Carlos do you know magic?"

"No I'm just a regular mortal." He muttered. So far all of his friends have been able to use magic even Jay could sometimes cast a spell.

"Sweetie anyone can do magic. My parents are regular mortals so am I yet I know magic." Said Aleah.

"What how?" Questioned Carlos.

"Magic is everywhere some are born to naturally wield it others need practice and lots of it. Magic is mainly based off emotion which is why it's so delicate yet powerful. Watch" Aleah held out her broken arm. "Hold my elbow and press your index finger to the palm of my hand."

Carlos did as so trying not to hurt her in the process.

"Now focus on the wound. And focus on an emotion mainly happy ones. Don't think about painful ones cause that leads to anger which leads to darkness and we don't want that. So just think happy memories and thoughts."

Carlos thought of Jay and his friends, he thought of his new life here in Auradon. He thought of Aleah and how he wanted to take care of her cause he doesn't want her to be in pain like he was. Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

"Now repeat after me. Delaeh eb siht tel." She said. Carlos did as he was told and suddenly her arm started to glow white for a few seconds then it faded and her arm was back to normal. She flexed it and moved it around.

"Wow not bad for a first spell." She admired. Carlos stared at her arm in shock. He just did a spell. Him. Carlos De Vil did a spell and it worked.

"How are you feeling Aleah?" Asked Ben. She took in a deep breath and sighed.

"Better. A lot better." She said as she got up and walked over to the fallen tree, she placed her hand on the trunk and muttered. "Werg uoy erehw ecalp eht ot kcab esir"

"What kind of magic are you doing?" Asked Evie.

"Backwards spelling, you say what you want to happen backwards. It's a lot harder to practice your emotions have to be strong but it's actually really easy for me to learn." She said as the tree came back up and sealed the cracks in its trunk.

"You guys can come over to my place and we can talk more in private. We have time before my brother shows up. I maybe forgiving but my brother is a different story. My parents might be easier to handle especially my dad he believes a lot in second chances and trust." Said Aleah, she turned to face them then let out a sharp whistle. Just then the magic carpet came flying in and stopped in front of them. Jay couldn't help but just gawk at the fact that THE magic carpet was right in front of him.

"Dnapxe." Said Aleah and the magic carpet got bigger, "Now come I have a lot of explaining to do."

They all got on the carpet and it took off except for the animals. Boo got on Raj and he took off running. This was going to be interesting, they all thought.

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