Dear You

This diary is about my normal, boring life. Or... Some days it might not be that boring, but you know what I mean... I will write about deep things and how I feel about something. Some days I won't because the day was so boring, I didn't have an opinion... But that is my diary for you. I hope you are going to enjoy it.:)


1. 1/13-2016 | Sickness

Dear You. 

So this is my first time writing in Movellas. I've got some things to tell you first before I start. 1. English is not my first language, so don't judge me if I make any mistakes. Such things as commas in English is really challenging for me. 


2. I am anonymous because I know a friend that has Movellas, so if that person reads this and knows it's me, that person can read all the things I think about that person. So... That would be awkward. So that's why I keep myself anonymous. My nickname for my profile is Blue Butterfly<3. I don't know why I chose that name, I just found it inspiring.:) I know that the blue butterfly effect is an effect that is about the butterfly causing a storm with it's wings, but I still find it kind of inspiring and interesting... (You will probably read those "..." everywhere, just so you are prepared... I did it again.xD) 


3. This will be a bit personal. Kind of… I will write really deep things in this (what do you call it?) “story”. I will also write about the persons around me, but I will give them different names, since I’m anonymous. Sometimes I’ll just write about what happened, because I didn’t have a special opinion about someone. Like today. But that was the 3 things you needed to know before I start writing about my day.



So today I was sick. Real suspense. Not really. My throat is hurting, stomach is hurting, headache, my eyes/eyelids can’t open as much as they used to, I feel like a zombie to be honest. Or… A zombie that doesn’t eat humans. Or eat at all, because I’ve got no appetite… I have to eat something, of course I eat something, I’m just not hungry… Today I actually did not use my computer so much. I was home all day, so I could have, but I decided to read a book instead. It was a really good book, I’m not finished with the book yet, but suddenly a plot twist came. Do you know that feeling when you’re just like:
“Oh! Wow! I didn’t think of that at all!” Or: “What? Where are we now?” and everything just turns from down to up. I think that is very interesting.:)



So, not much happening here. A week ago I got this book called: “Q and A a day – 5 year journal” or something like that. I wished for it as a Christmas present, but got it instead close to my birthday in the start of January. (I got it as a postal mail.) I’m normally the best person at starting journals and writing in them in 2 days. And I’m also the best at finishing them: Because, after that 2 days or so, I loose interest and stop writing in them. “Q and A a day – 5 year journal” is a really good book , because it asks you questions, and you answer them, and 5 years later you can look back of how much you’ve changed through the years. I haven’t missed a day yet.:) I recommend it.;)



I’m sick, so I have nothing to do, so I could just write. Or… I could sleep, because it’s getting kind of late, but I will just write the ending of this “text”. I hope you are going to enjoy reading my days and opinions.:) I will write more about certain subjects in the future, but right now, I’m too tired. Too lazy, too sick, too bored. When I’m ok again, and I’m in school again, things will get so much more exiting, I promise.:)

Blue Butterfly<3

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