Isabella in wonderland

This story is going to be about a girl named Isabella, she goes on an adventure and meets different animals on the way , and they help her strive and give her courage and have her back on winning the wars they have.


1. The Journey begins

There once was a girl named Isabella, she lived in the town of Heathermansville. She lived in a yellow house with green and white trims on the Far North side of the town. One day as Isabella was washing up in her bathroom , she heard a sudden "Boom!" sound and she yelled ," AAAAAAAAH !" . as a sword fell through the ceiling and then she got up and got some clothes on and went to see the sword. Then , "Wow, OMG ! " she yelled the sword had blood on it. She tiptoed outside as she was trying to be aware of what happened and trying to see whats going on. Then as she looked under her Pin Cherry Tree , there was a man, a man he was lying there with a stab hole in his chest, Isabella yelled , " Oh my god, Oh my god , a man he is dead ! , Thereafter, she heard voices saying , " Oh my god, who is that ?" , "Is that the missing guy on the news ?" As she kept hearing these questions , trying to figure out if shes just hearing things . Next thing you know Isabella turned around and saw a bear, rabbit, frog, and cat, as they all yelled ," AAAAAH! " in unison. "You are talking ?! " Isabella says .  
" Uh , yeah we all talk !" bear said . Isabella said " Can anybody help me do something with this man!" , " That man", frog said " its Gregorician Campbell the professor of the Kingdom of Lembus ." " Oh well , you should of said something in the first place, well what should we do with him?" said the Rabbit . " That's what I was gonna ask you!" said Isabella "Well !" said the Cat "we can bury him  or take him to the palace where the other professors are."

Shortly after, the whole discussion , Isabella whistled to get her horses attention, Luke and Bria , next she got the professors body in the seat on Luke ,and welcomed the animals along with her. After 5 minutes later, of riding , the ride was getting boring, so Isabella asked ," What are you guys names ?" "Well ." Bear said , my name is Benny, Rabbits name is Rufus, frogs name is Fredrick and cats name is Chris. 

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