The Diary of Ashley Meadows

On Wattpad, I write a story called Loving Lenehan, from the Bars And Melody fandom, and it's very dramatic, funny, and romantic. One of my main character's name is Ashley Meadows, and so in this she will wield this diary(sorry for the Star Wars logic in used to saying wield a lightsaber lol)


1. Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Ashley Meadows and I'm 15 years old. This is my first time writing in a diary since year 3, when mum left me and my dad. My dad said it was my fault that mum left and he has abused me since then. But one day I ran into my idol, Charlie Lenehan, on my way to school, and I gotta say, my life changed. When I got home one day, my dad had a knife and I locked myself in my room and he was banging on the door. I couldn't stand being abused like that anymore so, I put a ladder outside my window and climbed down. I ran over to Charlie and Leo's house and they let me stay, what lovely friends I have. They treat me like I'm family. Sure, I've caused some drama with them, but they're still my best friends. We mess around together, we play video games, well, actually, we do everything together. We are inseparable. I am so grateful to have an amazing friend like Leo and an amazing boyfriend like Charlie. I wasn't very lucky when mum left, that's when my life was different. But if it weren't for Leo and Charlie I'd be dead already. I also have a very cute 'little' sister, Tilly Devries(I'm living with the Devries's). And I have a hot older brother Joey Devries. He was part of the AlphaDog family but for some reason he left it. And Charlie also has a nice sister named Brooke Lenehan. Anyway, this was just like an introduction of my life, I'll actually start writing tomorrow.

~αѕнℓєу мєα∂σωѕ

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