princess and the potato

When all the princes from from around the world are entered in a contest to win the lovely princess Casadilla's heart, they are shocked to find that she is not what she seems and her father made it no easy task to win her hand.


1. A Boring Carriage Ride


Jake the 79th: Mommy, are we there yet!? Our carriage has been driving for about an hour and I'm so board.

Mommy: I hope that whoever this girl is she better be worth it.

Jake the 79th: I can see the castle mommy! It's a lot smaller then my castle. 

Mommy: It's not too shabby. WHAT'S THIS!!!! A CROWD OF PEOPLE!!! I thought that we would be the first to arrive! My prince Jakeypoo the 79th will have a long list of

Jake the 79th: Stop Mommy! If you complain I might not get a bubble-gum mint on my pillow. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO MARRY A STINKY PRINCESS!!!

Mommy: Jakey, you are twenty three years old! Control yourself!

Jake the 79th: yes mommy.

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