One Directions wives part 2


1. chapter one

Nialls POV,

I stayed by Destinys side for three days, still nothing, nothing at all. I wish I can see her Smile but I can't...She's not even smiling she has an emotionless  face. I wish I can change it by making her laugh but I can't because... she's in a coma, she might never get out of this coma. The doctor came in from the door .

"Mr Horan, you should go home and rest, we will take good care of her" The doctor says. I stood up and went to the doctor.

"I'm going to see my children I'll be back tomorrow to see her". I said walking away from the woman. I drove home tired as ever, I didn't tell the others what was going on. I just needed some time alone that's all. I walk through the front door seeing all of them talk, they look towards me with red puffy cheeks. Especially Emily, she ran up to me and hugged me,  I didn't hug back though.

"Where's my children?" I asked

"There in the play room, with Louis" Liam says. I nodded and walked up the stairs into the play room, I open the door a little bit, seeing Maria in her crib, and Jessie playing with Legos. I walked in and saw Jessie running up to me.yelling

"Daddy!" He shouts I went down on my knee and hugged him and started crying "what happen daddy?" Jessie asked I shock my head

"Nothing baby, nothing" I say I got up and went to Maria, I picked her up

"Oh god you look like your mother" I say kissing her forehead. Louis came by my side

"I'm sorry man" Louis says I look down

"Its alright" I say not turning to look at him I put Maria back in the crib and walked down stairs, Emily was crying her eyes out I sat on the couch

"How did this happen!" Emily screamed I started crying

"Someone open the door and we thought it was Liam it wasn't he shoot Destiny and now she's in a coma......and she might never get out of that Coma" I say I saw Emily's tears come down faster, I couldn't talk about Destiny anymore, this is my wife were talking about. I looked down and put my hands in my head, I couldn't think of her right now I just wanted her here with me....But she's in the hospital now and I can't hold her. I heard a winning from upstairs

"NIALL, MARIA IS CRYING!" Louis yells I sighed

"I'll get her Niall" Macy says

"Thanks Macy, I really needed that" I say she smiles then gives me a slight nod

"Just promise you'll be better" Macy says I smiled for the first time in three days

"I'll try my best" I say she smiles bigger and walks upstairs. Everyone left to their houses. I walk up the stairs to my bedroom, I open the door and looked around why do I have to sleep in here, I looked at my wedding pictures up on the wall, I took off my shirt and jumped onto my bed, I looked up

"Why did you have to do this God, she's my wife and I love her more then anything" I say crying I put my fingers on my temples I want her back next to me, sleeping next to me, I want her with me.


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