My Heart Beats for You

Watch the ups and downs of a high school relationship.


1. Mckenna

   January 5, 2016                                                                             Mckenna

    Dear Diary,

  School started back up and Mrs. Price did not look happy to see me. She's the worst history teacher ever! Last day of class before break I played a little practical joke on her. How was I supposed to know that she wouldn't like a pie getting shoved in her face. I even went through the trouble to buy her favorite flavor and she gave me detention. I just know she hates me. She didn't give anyone else detention before Christmas.

  On the bright side of the moon, Luke broke up with Kelly. She got mad at him because he didn't take her to cheer-leading practice on time so she was kicked off the team for being late. It wasn't Luke's fault though, he just lost track of time skate boarding. She needs to be more forgiving. Besides Luke needs practice skateboarding because someday he'll be famous! He's already got, like 70 views on youtube for his skateboarding face-plant.

P.S. Luke is all mine!!!

P.P.S. We have the cutest couple name, Muke! I just love it! Muke, Muke, Muke! (squeal)

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