Life as a Death God

Marlie is a God of Death. She visits those who die too early, and escorts them home, to the land of the living, convincing those who need the persuasion. She specialises in the deaths of teenagers, and soon, she begins to notice a recurring face. A teenage boy who seems intent on ending his life. After appearing to him in multiple forms, she questions her superiors and discovers that it is his fate to become a Death God himself, though not just any Death God, but a member of the council of the Shini.
Now, it seems that Marlie is tasked with trying to convince the boy that everything he previously knew about Death Gods, was false, and convince him to become one of the immortal species, himself.


1. Prologue

“I can’t do this.” The man was knelt on the ground, clutching at his hair as if he intended to rip it straight from his skull. As if that would erase the horrid images that kept flashing before his eyes of his family, his friends and gruesome images of what may come. “Stop this! Please! I can’t take it!” His screams were anguished but fell on deaf ears. He looked up, eyes searching out hers. She stared down at him, not moving for a few moments, just staring before she lifted her hand and waved it slowly in the air, as if waving to a friend in slow-motion. Almost immediately, the man slumped forward, crumbling under the weight of the air, lying face-down on the ground.

    “You can do it. If you try.” She stated, her face neutral and stony. “Because I believe in you and I know that you have the strength and the courage.”

    The man craned his neck so that he could once again look up at the face of the girl. She looked exactly as he remembered. “How. How do you know?”

    “Because of what I have shown you. You don’t want that to happen, do you?” She asked. The man violently shook his head back and forth. He wouldn’t wish the nightmares that he had just seen on even his worst enemy. No one deserved to live through or even see anything like what he had seen. “Exactly, so you will do it. You will change. And you will live out the rest of your life happily, surrounded by people who love you. And you will love them for it.”

    Silence rang out. She looked down at him. He looked up at her. Then suddenly the loud chiming of a church tower bell attempted to deafen them both. After the first chime, the volume decreased suddenly and she took his hand to pull him to his feet. “It’s time for me to go.”

    This seemed to scare the man as he immediately grasped her shoulders and shook his head. “No! You can’t go! Not when I’ve just got you back!” A second chime.

    “I have to leave. I no longer have a place in this world.” A third chime.

    “But I can’t do this without you.” He yelled in her face, his grip tightening on her upper arms. A fourth chime.

    “You can and you will.” She snapped, face taking on a deadly serious expression. A fifth chime.  “Whenever you are about to make a wrong decision, you will remember what I have shown you,” A sixth chime. “and you will make the right choice. Believe me.”

    “Lisa,” The name hung in the air, barely a whisper. A seventh chime. “why did you have to leave me?” His voice was becoming more and more frantic, breaking and cracking every few syllables.

    An eighth chime. “It was just my time. And it wasn’t yours and it won’t be for a very long time. So live out your life to the fullest. And then, we can be reunited.” A ninth chime. “Only then.” Then, she stepped out of his grip. He stood motionless, hands suspended in air where he’d just been holding his love.

    She continued to walk backwards, slow and steady, eyes fixed on his and then, within a blink of an eye, she had disappeared, leaving him by himself. Blackness stretching out on all sides of him. He had never felt more alone as he slunk down to his knees.

    Then, the world slowly started to take shape and colour. The sound of heavy traffic could be heard, slightly muffled by the alley walls. He could feel the rain and puddle water start to soak into his clothes, giving an uncomfortable feeling. He glanced up, the rain was picking up, getting heavier by the minute. He pushed himself onto his feet, feeling a strange stiffness in his joints, taking note of the syringe lying discarded a few inches away.

    Once on his feet, he grabbed the clear plastic cylinder and as he turned towards the entrance of the alley, he forcefully threw it back, over his shoulder. Unseen by him, the syringe arced in the air before landing just in front of a large dumpster, the impact causing it to smash into plastic shards. He smiled as he heard the patter of the destruction. This was going to be a new start. A new leaf had been turned over. The past was done. He could change his future. He would change his future.

    Then, he took a few slow steps towards the road, his left leg dragging behind him, walk turning into a limp. With every step, his determination and resolve strengthened. He wasn’t going to forget this. He wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

    He owed his new lease of life to his one and only, love of his life, Lisa Munroe. Despite the tragic accident that had claimed her life, three years earlier. He never questioned it. He didn’t need to. He trusted her. He trusted he would see her again. But only after he had lived his life to the fullest, for the both of them. Only then.

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