The Story Of Us

Hi my name is Marnie I'm 19 years old, I go to school at Richmond High which means I live in Sydney.

One day I run into the school's bad boy, Ashton Irwin and everything changed.

My life has been completely different since that day and this is the story of us.


18. The Fan Girl

Hey guys so there is a bug with the app that deletes the quotation marks so I hope you figure out where they go. Also thanks for 11k reads it means a lot I know it's not much but it is to me. Also let me know in the comments if you are going to SLFL I'm flying over to Sydney to see them anyway enough rambling and back to the story and remember I love you all xx.

It still feels awkward between me and Ashton, I'm still a little angry at him for cheating on me but we can work this out. I decided to go for a walk in the nearest park and since we are in Europe now, it's really pretty. I was walking through the park when a girl my age walked up to me.

"Excuse me are you Marnie?" She asked.

"Um yes how do you know my name?" I replied.

"Oh you're Ashton Irwin's girlfriend" she said confidently.

"Yeah I am are you a fan of 5sos?" I ask.

"Yes I have been since 2011. I never got your last name I don't think anyone knows it but I must say you do look a lot like Luke" she said I stood there not wanting to say that I'm Luke's twin because that would be bad.

"Oh yeah I've been told I look like him but I'm not allowed to say my last name sorry, bands rule" I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh it's ok, I'm Holly by the way" she said sticking her hand out.

"Nice to meet you Holly" I replied shaking her hand.

"Do you mind me asking for your number I feel like we would be great friends" Holly said.

"Oh yeah sure" I said putting my number in her phone.

"Well I better get going or my brother will freak" she said.

"Yeah mine too" I replied.

"Wait you have a brother?" Holly asked.

"Yeah I do but I really should get going I'll text you later" I said waving.

"Ok see you later Marnie" she said waving back.

I got back to the hotel and went to see Michael. I knocked on his door waiting for an answer.

"Oh hey Marn" said Michael.

"Is this a bad time?" I asked.

"Nah it's fine come in" he said moving aside.

"Thanks" I said. All of a sudden I started feeling very dizzy, the whole room was spinning.

"Are you ok Marn?" Michael asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said. I fell to the floor and blacked out not knowing how.

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