The Story Of Us

Hi my name is Marnie I'm 19 years old, I go to school at Richmond High which means I live in Sydney.

One day I run into the school's bad boy, Ashton Irwin and everything changed.

My life has been completely different since that day and this is the story of us.


11. It's All In The Past

"Long time no see" Andrew said smirking

"I told you I didn't want to see you again" I said sternly

"Oh don't be like that Marns we can figure it out" he said

"Firstly don't ever call me Marns, secondly I have a boyfriend" I said. He looked taken back by that.

"Who cares about him all I care about is that you're here with me" he said stepping closer at that time I turned and ran out of the room, I crashed into someone causing us to both fall over. I looked and saw that is was Calum and I felt relieved.

"Is this your so called boyfriend" Andrew said behind me

"No it's not this is my best friend" I sad getting up and helping Cal up

"Oh I remember you" Andrew said

"And how could I forget you" Cal spat at him. Before I could say or do anything else Calum was punching him.

"Calum!" I yelled he got off Andrew and looked over at me worried

"I'm sorry Marnie I couldn't help it with what he did to you" Cal said

"It's ok I'm glad I ran into you" I said hugging him. I saw Ashton, Luke and Michael running over. I straight away hugged Ashton.

"Hey what's wrong" he asked

"Andrew" I said pointing to him

"What's he doing here?" He asked angrily

"He wanted to get back with me but I told him about you then I ran out and straight into Calum who did that to him" I said

"Did he hurt you?" He asked looking even more worried

"No I got out before he did anything" I said

"Ok that's good" he said I looked at Luke and Michael and noticed something different

"Woah Mikey blue hair!" I said shocked

"Yea do you like it?" He asked excited

"Yes it looks great" I said and smiled at him

"Thank you" he said smiling back

"Hey I have an idea. Since we didn't do much for Calum's birthday we should throw a party tonight" I suggested

Luke's face lit up "Oh my god yes I'm in" he said

"Same" Ash, Calum and Mikey said in unison

"Ok then let's go" I said running out of school I felt someone pick me up.

"Ash!" I yelled

"Yes Marn?" He asked like nothing happened

"Put me down" I demanded

"Anything for you princess" he said and put me down

"Thank you" I said hoping in Luke's car.

I couldn't wait to the party and I know what I'm gonna get Calum.

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