The Story Of Us

Hi my name is Marnie I'm 19 years old, I go to school at Richmond High which means I live in Sydney.

One day I run into the school's bad boy, Ashton Irwin and everything changed.

My life has been completely different since that day and this is the story of us.


9. Infinity

I woke up to my phone ringing. I answered it without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey you doing anything today?" Someone asked I soon realised it was Ashton.

"Nah why?" I asked

"Do you wanna go out?" he asked

"Yes! What time?!" I said excitedly

"I'll pick you up at 7" he said

"Ok see you then!" I said and hung up. I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I picked out my outfit today which was an All Time Low shirt, black skinny jeans and black vans.

I walked downstairs and saw Luke eating breakfast.

"Morning Hemmo" I said

"Morning Marn" he replied

"How are you today?" I asked

"Yea I'm good thanks you?" He said

"Fantastic!" I said excitedly

"Woah someone's happy" he said chuckling

"Yes I'm going out tonight" I said

"Just be careful ok?" He said worryingly

"I'll be fine!" I said


I heard the door bell ring around 7 and ran down the stairs to open the door to a tear stained faced Charlotte.

"Charlotte" I said shocked

"I'm so sorry that I hurt you and the boys" She said

"Look this is a bad time can you call me later?" I asked she just nodded her head and walked away. Ash pulled up and I ran up to him and leaped in his arms. I pulled back and kissed him like I hadn't seen him in years.

"Woah slow down there Marn" he said smiling

"Sorry I'm just really excited" I said

"Well the let's go!" He said getting in the car. Holiday came on the radio and I turned it up and started singing the lyrics really loudly.

"Sorry I just really like that song" I said embarrassed

"I can tell" he said laughing I just rolled my eyes at him. We pulled up to the beach and got out. I intwined my fingers with Ash's and walked down and sat on the sand.

"It's beautiful isn't it" Ash said

"Yea it is" I said

"No I mean you" he said smirking

"Oh Ash you're so cheesy!" I said laughing

"Come on let's go for a walk" he said standing up. I followed him down the beach. He stopped at looked me in the eye.

"Marn?" He said looking concerned

"Ash what's wrong?" I asked frowning

"I know we haven't been dating that long and I just wanted to say that I love you a lot more then you can imagine I can't live without you just your smile, your laugh, the way your blue eyes glisten when your happy all those things make my day" he paused bending down on one knee "I want to grow old with you and maybe even one day marry you if I'm lucky enough can we promise me that'll we'll be unbreakable?" He asked opened the box to revile a silver ring with a blue gem in it and I noticed the 'Irwin' was engraved in it.

I gasped "Oh my gosh yes Ashton I will you will be forever in my heart and I'll always love you" I said as he slipped the ring onto my finger.

He was mine all mine

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