The Story Of Us

Hi my name is Marnie I'm 19 years old, I go to school at Richmond High which means I live in Sydney.

One day I run into the school's bad boy, Ashton Irwin and everything changed.

My life has been completely different since that day and this is the story of us.


2. Back to School

My alarm went off at 7am and I sighed as I rolled out of bed. I went to have a shower. After my shower I picked out my outfit for today I decided on black skinny jeans and a white crop also vans.

I went down stairs and made myself breakfast. I didn't want to be late on the first day back so I started walking to school.

As I approached to gates I noticed someone running towards me yelling my name I realized it was Charlotte "I've miss you so much Marnie!" I giggled "yea I've missed you to."

My first class was English with Mr. Jefferson I didn't pay much attention but then again I never did. I heard to bell ring and walked out the room as I turned the corner I ran into someone and mumbled "sorry" and went to continue walking but he said "Marnie Hemmings" I froze in my tracks and turned around "Ashton Irwin" he smirked at me and was about to say something else. At that time Charlotte ran up to me "Marnie we have to get to practice!" As we walked away I turned my head around to see Ashton a little disappointed.

I got my bass and Charlotte got behind the drums we decided to practice our song 'Electric Romance' I started singing and soon enough the lyrics flowed out of me. After we finished I heard a familiar voice say "that was beautiful" while clapping. "Luke!" I yelled and have him a hug we talked for a bit but he has to go.


It was lunch so I went to sit down with Charlotte when someone grabbed me and I tensed up "it's ok it's just me" he said in a soft voice "what do you want Ashton" I replied angrily "what are you doing after school?" He asked "nothing why?" He smiled "you wanna see a movie?" Oh my god is he asking me on a date I thought to myself "sure what time?" I said "I'll pick you up at six is that good?" God his gorgeous "um sure see you then" I quickly said returning to Charlotte telling her everything.


School finished so I walked home listening to Fall Out Boy. I remembered about my date with Ashton. Should I tell Luke since they're like best friends? I got home and walked up to my room thinking what I was gonna wear tonight.

I picked out a white skater dress with my converse. I checked the time 5:45pm I had 15 minutes to spare so I made a snack when I heard a car pulling up out the front. That's strange I checked to see who it was and it was him.

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