The Story Of Us

Hi my name is Marnie I'm 19 years old, I go to school at Richmond High which means I live in Sydney.

One day I run into the school's bad boy, Ashton Irwin and everything changed.

My life has been completely different since that day and this is the story of us.


10. An Old Friend

Guys sorry for not updating I've been busy but thanks for 3k reads! I'll make it up to yous.

I woke up with Ashton's arms wrapped around my waist.

"Morning babe" he said in a sleepy voice

"Morning Ash" I said and pecked he lips

"You're such a tease" he said pouting

"I know, come lets get up we have school" I said giggling

"Arg fine" he said annoyed. I got up and made us both some eggs and bacon.

"Smells good" Ash said walking into the room

"Yea come on let's eat" I said. We finished and I went to have a shower. I put on ripped black skinny jeans, a crop top baseball tee and black vans. I saw Ash walk in he was dressed in black skinny jeans and a Green Day shirt with black vans.

"Come on let's go" he said

"Ok I'm coming Ash" I said not looking forward to going to hell, clearly meant school. We hoped in the car and started driving. I remembered how Charlotte wanted to see me which made me sad and Ash noticed.

"Hey what's wrong babe?" he asked worrying

"Charlotte came to my house right before our date yesterday and she looked so upset" I said letting a tear slip down my cheek

"Hey it's ok Marn maybe you should just talk to her if she was upset" he said

"Yea maybe" I mumbled. The rest of the car ride was silent. We pulled up to school and walked over to the boys.

"So how did it go?" Luke asked

"Wait you knew" I said a little shocked

"Oh uh yea" he said awkwardly

"Well I said no if you were wondering" I said trying not to laugh and Ash looked at me a little scared, I winked at him and then it clicked him

"What why!?" Luke questioned

"Me and Marn weren't going to work out" Ash said

"Oh that's a sha-" Luke started before I cut him off and cracked out laughing

"Lol dude you're so gullible" I said laughing

"You little shit" Luke said and threw me over his shoulder

"Hey! Put my down!" I said a little to loudly which got some attention of other people and Luke noticed so he put me down.

"I'm happy for you Marn" Michael said hugging me

"Thanks Mikey" I said smiling at him

"Yea congrats Marnie" Cal said and I couldn't tell if he was happy or annoyed

"Um thanks Calum" I said. The first bell rang and I walked to class I had English with Mr. Jefferson first. It was a good thing the boys had the same lesson as well.

After English I had photography and I heard the bell go so I started heading off when someone grabbed me and pulled me into the cleaners room.

"What the fuck" I said and I hate to admit it but I was a little scared

"Remember me?" Someone asked emerging from the shadows

"Andrew?" I said, terrified of the thought of him.

A/N. Sorry for the cliffhanger lol. So who do you think Andrew is and why is Marnie so scared of him?

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