"Am I Close?"

"Why is it that whenever I try to get closer to you, you always shy away from me?" I ask after you've closed me off again.

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me." I challenge.

"My problem is that I'm scared," you say.

"I'm scared of getting too attached to someone, until eventually, that someone has the power to control me. To end my world when they feel like." I'm quiet thinking it through.

"Am I close?" I ask.

You look at me with that mysterious gaze, "Too."


2. one

You never know what's going to happen in your life, everyday is something different. Sometimes it's something great and others it's the worst thing in the world. You can go through so many wonders in your life but there will be many ups and downs. You can meet someone that you never thought you'd connect with. They can make you feel happy and the next moment make you feel like shit but that's life and nothing is always the same. 


This is what happened to me, I fell in love too fast for my own good only to be hurt at the very end. I can still remember the conversation that made me put my walls down and let him into my life. He didn't care about my past it was all about the present with him. He never liked to talk about the future and thats what scared me, I never knew if I would be apart of his future and when I found out I wasn't it was too late. I had already given him everything I had and he threw that away.


I was afraid that it would happen and he promised me it wouldn't. I gave up my friends, my family and my future to be with him for it all to be turned around and I'm left with nothing but I broken heart. After everything that happened though I had no regrets. He taught me things that will change my life forever, we did things I never thought I would do but he believed in me. We both saw the best in each other but then we also saw the worst. We were unable to hide our past even though he doesn't allow that to define anyone. Our pasts became a problem in the present which became a problem for the future.  


He changed me and I'm still unaware if the change was good or bad. Sometimes I believe it helped me but then I wish it never happened and I could go back to being myself, someone that was afraid of falling in love and someone that focused on family more then friendships. 


My names Meghan and this is where my story starts and how it ended all to quickly. 




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