"Am I Close?"

"Why is it that whenever I try to get closer to you, you always shy away from me?" I ask after you've closed me off again.

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me." I challenge.

"My problem is that I'm scared," you say.

"I'm scared of getting too attached to someone, until eventually, that someone has the power to control me. To end my world when they feel like." I'm quiet thinking it through.

"Am I close?" I ask.

You look at me with that mysterious gaze, "Too."


1. "Am I Close?"

I have been writing this book for a while and it is finally complete. On my laptop are all the chapters and I'm going to be uploading them once a week for you guys. I am also half way through the sequel which is called Piece Of You. I'm going to be uploading a chapter every Sunday so tomorrow the first ever chapter will go up. I really hope you enjoy this book and also the next :) Georgia x
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