Roses and Thorns

Some say to not judge a book by it's cover, that there's more to something that meets the eye. For example; the quietest person in class could actually be really interesting and have lots to say, or the most obnoxious person could be the most kind-hearted, warm and caring person you know. It all depends on what's behind the front cover.
Or, in this case, a sweet innocent girl who looks like she could never hurt a fly, is actually the world's most deadliest assassin and is off to kill the French president. Yeah... guess some people aren't who you'd really expect them to be, are they? /// So this is just a story that I wrote for an assignment in Year 8 for school and I found it again today and wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy!


1. Arsenic Poison


DATE: Thursday, March 23RD, 2026

MISSION OBJECTIVE: Assassinate the French president.

You know what to do, Hiso. Good luck.

My footsteps echoed along the hall as my black heels clicked against the marble floor, hair bouncing as I walked. My long, red silk dress flowed down my body as it tightened at the torso, spaghetti straps holding it up. I looked like any ordinary guest - but I wasn't. If you counted the dagger sheathed to my thigh, lock picks, vials of poison and nitric acid hidden in my purse clutch; then you'd figure that I was up to something. Something deadly and quite... well very illegal. I was on my way to kill Emmanuel Armistead, the French president. My 'associates' wanted this man gone by sunrise - and I was perfect for the job. I don't know why they wanted the president killed, but in my opinion - It's better not to ask questions.

As I made my way to the ballroom where the event was being held, I scouted my surroundings for advantage points and security cameras. Sure, there was at least one security camera in every corner, but that was not a problem. Who would suspect me anyways? A stunning woman in red looking innocent enough. Well... I'd guess they'd be too stupid to judge a book by its cover.

When I reached the ballroom, I glanced at my watch. It was two minutes to ten-thirty - the time I was expected to arrive. I ran a hand through my silky black hair and took a deep breath. Even though I'd done this a million times before, I was always a tad nervous before it began. My watch struck 10:30 on the dot and I knocked on the large, white, wooden mahogany door, embroidered with painted gold carvings. The door opened and the sound of a buzzing crows filled my ears. This was it, no turning back now,


"Bonjour, Madame," a butler dressed in formal attire greeted me with a thick French accent. "Please. Do come in."


"Merci, Monsieur," I thanked the butler before entering the room. The door closing behind me.


Okay, step one, locate the president.

It wasn't hard really. He was a loud, spritely man dressed in a tuxedo with a bellowing laugh. He was quite plump with a balding scalp, red cheeks and a bushy moustache. He reminded me of Vernon Dursley from the Harry Potter series, although not as rounded and more neck than the story described him.

Now to blend in.

I casually made my way over to the banquet table where they were serving platters of shrimp, salads, cheese and many other assortment of French foods - although I was definitely going to stay away from the snails and frogs legs. I ate a few pieces of cheese and shrimp before a waiter passed by, carrying a tray of long wine glasses filled with champagne. I plucked one off the tray as he went passed and took a sip, the alcohol burning my throat as I swallowed. I let out a small sigh and glanced around the room, observing my surroundings.

Marble columns supported the roof while two crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, illuminating the room with a warm glow, the walls were painted white with golden trimmings, a small stage stood at one end of the ballroom where a small band was playing a merry tune. Crystal glass windows covered every inch of the far wall with pale gold curtains tied to the walls to allow guests to venture out onto the balcony, and a reasonable sized dance floor for couples to... well, dance. Not, in any case. It was very exquisite.

I took another sip of my champagne just as a figure came and stood by my side.


"What's a beautiful, young woman doing standing over here all by herself?"


I understood the French straight away and looked in the corner of my eye to see the president. If my victims came to me straight away, my mission would be a whole lot easier. I swallowed the champagne and smiled innocently as I changed to my well-practised French accent.


"Well, I'm not usually the life of the party," I responded with my tongue rolling over the French words with ease as I smiled slightly.


The president chuckled. "Well I think this party could use some life."


We both laughed - mine completely fake of course but the president bought it.


"Tell me, my dear. What's your name?"


"Anabelle. Anabelle DeFlare," I said, telling him my fake name.


"Well then, Anabelle," he plucked two more wine glasses off of a passing waiter. "More champagne?"




"...And then he said, 'There goes your bloody canoe!'"


Out table roared as a gentleman - Monsieur Dumont - Told his incredibly bad jokes, but I laughed along anyways for the sake of blending in. I checked the time. 12:46am - only fourteen minutes to my deadline. I needed to assassinate the president now!


I faked a yawn. "Oh, dearie me. I am so very tired. I should probably head back to my hotel."


I began to stand up and leave when the president called me back.


"One moment, Madame DeFlare. I have something for you father if you're willing to take it to him in Lille," the president said, standing up. I had told him that my 'father' was the sheriff of the Lille Police and he believed it - as did everyone else it seemed.


I put on a small smile and waited patiently for the now tipsy president to take me out of the ballroom and to where this... thing was for the real Anabelle DeFlare. I barely drank any alcohol tonight - as I had to stay completely sober - so my mind was clear on what I had to do and how to do it. When the president finally got to me, he then led me out of the warm and busy ballroom to the calm and quiet halls of his mansion. Being as tipsy as he was stupid, the president kept stumbling everywhere and complementing on how 'stunning' and 'gorgeous' I was tonight. Idiot. Even the most beautiful roses have thorns.

Eventually we reached the president's office where he led me inside and made his way to his desk, tripping and stumbling like a baby learning to walk - giggling a lot as he did. I rolled my eyes and noticed at least three security cameras on the roof. Killing this man was going to be tricky - but I've had tricker. As Emmanuel Armistead searched his desk for... whatever it was, I clicked a small, secluded button on the side of my watch that beeped and lit up. Doku was signalled, now to keep the president by the window so could be... dealt with.

I sauntered over to the large window behind the president as he pulled out a thin, pale yellow file that looked as if it had barely anything in it.


"Here, Madame DeFlare, take this to your father. It's information of an infamous assassin we've been trying to track and this is what we've found on her."


I took the file out of his fat, stubby hands and turned my body to face the window as I opened it. All was in it was a single piece of paper. On it, was stuff about me.

I chuckled lightly to myself as I read what 'information' they had. All they had so far was just my assassinating methods and victims lives I've taken. No age, birthday, description or photo of what I looked like or where I was trained. Zilch, zip, nada. Pathetic really, although I don't blame them. I was good at covering my tracks and any sign that I ever existed.


"You people are more stupid than you realize," I spoke in English, letting my original accent come back into play.


The president looked taken aback by my sudden English and accent. "Je vous demande pardon?" which was French for, 'I beg your pardon?'.


I laughed. "And blind too. I genuinely wonder how people cope with you, Emmanuel."


I took the piece of paper out of the file and tossed it onto the president's desk so it was facing him. I walked around the desk slowly as he read what was on it. It took him some tries to understand what I was getting at until the realization hit him.


"You're Hiso," his English was terrible but I still understood him.


I smiled menacingly and giggled darkly. "Guilty as charged."


The president's eyes went as wide as frisbee as he stumbled back, suddenly sober.


"Wh-what are you doing here?!" he exclaimed, scared out of his mind.


I scoffed. "I honestly thought you would've figure it out by now."


As if on cue, a loud, piercing screech was heard just on the other side of the window and the president and I looked out to see a Peregrine Falcon burst through the window, shattering the glass. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Doku flew in - unafraid and determined to do his job. I grinned evilly as my falcon dived for Emmanuel and started to attack him. The president screamed and tried to fend off my well-trained bird of prey but failed miserably as Doku struck the president on the forearm and cut into his skin, blood slowly seeping onto his tuxedo sleeve.

Satisfied with his work of injecting the liquid arsenic into the president's bloodstream from his talons, Doku flew next to me and landed on the nearby bust on the president's desk. I smiled as I patted his feathered head while Emmanuel held his left arm in agonizing pain from Doku's attack.


"The pain will be gone soon enough, Mr. President. Then you won't have to suffer anymore."


The president breathed heavily as he suddenly became drowsy and collapsed on his large, black leather swivel chair.


"What have you done to me?" he hissed through his teeth, drops of sweat dripping from his forehead as he spoke his last few words.


I rolled my eyes. "Have you seriously not figured it out yet?!" I said, dumbfounded that he was not as smart as everyone thought he was. "I'm killing you. Surely you're not that stupid?"


With one last breath, the president's eyes glassed over as they rolled back and his head went limp against his shoulder. I grinned as wide as an evil version of the Cheshire Cat, knowing that the President of France was dead. The president was gone, and there was only minutes to spare before my deadline.

I sighed contently as I went over and spun the swivel chair around to face the window so no one would find the president until tomorrow morning. Hopefully. I then took out a tube of red lipstick out of my clutch purse and reapplied a new coat before smacking my lips together. I then used the lipstick to write my name in Japanese kanji on the chair just above the president's head and left a big kiss mark on his cheek - claiming my piece of work. I smiled, satisfied as I closed the lipstick and put it back into my purse. Mission successful.

But I was far from done.

As I straightened myself out and began to walk back out the door, it was blown open by a brutal force and I was taken aback by the sudden action. The sound of heavy boots marched into the room and about ten laser sights were pinpointed on my chest. Once the debris and smoke had cleared, a familiar man walked into the room with his hands behind his back. He looked just like he did before, except for the military badge on his chest.

It was Monsieur Dumont a.k.a General Spivet of the International Assassin Detection and Defensive society - I.A.D.D.S for short - and he was large and in charge of locating and taking me down. How could I know have recognized him?


"Bonjour, Hiso. It's nice to finally meet you. Shame it's under these... circumstances," General Spivet said with a mocking tone.


I huffed in frustration and stood firm, squaring my shoulders and standing my ground. I cursed in Japanese as I took a few steps back. There was no way I could get out of here. Except...


"I should have you know that security guards are blocking off all exit routes from the mansion, so there's no way out," General Spivet stated as-a-matter-of-factly. "There's no escape this time, Hiso. You're coming with us."


I just giggled and took a few more steps back. "Oh General. Honourable, strong, stupid General. You don't know me well enough at all."


Before he could figure out what I meant, I spun around and ran towards the window, Doku following. I heard General Spivet bark orders to his men, getting them quickly into position to fire at will, but it was too late. I had already jumped.

I covered my face with my hands as I came into contact with the window and glass shattered as I charged through it and plummeted down to the pavement below. Death mere moments away...

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