My concert encounter

When Deanna and her twin meet one direction after an concert things heat up and heartbreak occurs but in the end who gets their happy ending Deanna or Gianna and who loses it all

Btw this based after Zayn left


3. Wait really

D's P.O.V. When we arrived at Hinz Field at Pittsburgh we waited in a line to get in it was loooooooong so as we waited we talked to other Directioners asking what their favorite song and member was and all that but when we got up to the front they said "well you two are lucky your backstage passes are for before and after the show!" Me and G just stood there for a few seconds of silence when G asked "can we go now befor the show??" And the lady said yes so off we went as we approached security stopped us and asked what we where doing and as we said that we had passes for before and after the show he approved them and he said follow me and lead us backstage

G's POV when got to the front of the line they lady said the passes we had were for before and after the show so after a few moments I asked if we could do the before the show and she said yes

Authors note : sorry about them being short this is my first one and I'm still working on some stuff

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