My concert encounter

When Deanna and her twin meet one direction after an concert things heat up and heartbreak occurs but in the end who gets their happy ending Deanna or Gianna and who loses it all

Btw this based after Zayn left


2. The tickets

Deanna's P.O.V. I watched has a face full of cheer spread across Giana's face as the hugged me as tight as she could saying thank you repetitively.

Giana's P.O.V. When I opened the box I was so thrilled I had told Deanna I had wanted to see them in concert but I didn't think she listened but in the box where 2 front row tickets as well as 2 back stage passes. To a One Direction concert. I was soooo happy to I ran over to D and hugged her saying " thank you thank you thank you!!!" She said the concert was today but she bought the tickets month ago them she ran upstairs and told me to get ready for the concert was at 7 it's 10 AM but we had a an hour and a half drive and an hour or so of lines but first she wanted to go and hang out our friends and then leave from their house to the concert and then see had a big bag and a smirk on her face I asked her what was in the bag and she just showed me hundreds of glow sticks and said " At the concert we can put them on us and with extra the people around us" she said them we went up stairs to get ready

An G=Gianna D=Deanna

G's POV as u go ready I curled my light brown hair that went a little past my shoulders I did and little mascara blush eyeliner and light blue eye shadow to go with my purple tinted eyes and some light pink lip stick wore white short shorts and my Four t-shirt with cream colored gladiator sandals

D's POV I left my dark brown hair with blond highlights stay its naturally straight as it was to the bottom of my rib cage I did some blush eyeliner mascara some gold colored eye shadow to go with my amber eyes dark red lip stick I wore my cream colored shorts and my midnight memories shirt and my neon green yellow and pink sneakers

As both of us walked down stairs we got our phones wallets and we went to our friends house for a few hours we got in the car and left

Skip time at friend house

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