My concert encounter

When Deanna and her twin meet one direction after an concert things heat up and heartbreak occurs but in the end who gets their happy ending Deanna or Gianna and who loses it all

Btw this based after Zayn left


5. The Concert


When the show started they came out singing clouds as they did this the whole stadium screamed so loud it could have shattered eardrums. When Harry saw me he winked he I blushed when that happened Gianna nudged me and smirked as I just Rolex my eyes at her and enjoyed the concert.



When Harry winked at Deanna and she blushed I just thought to myself someone has a crush but yet with that Louis came over and mouth " Hi Love" I just waved to him as he smiled with his triumph that he got a response. When that happened D noticed she mimicked my actions towards her as I just hissed for her to shut up

Lou's POV

I saw Gianna in the front row I mouthed hi to her and she waved but I has happy she responded and she just giggled at that and her sister noticed and smirked at G hissed at her to shut up I just laughed and shook my head to I had just witnessed a moment of "sisterly love" note the sarcasm.

Harry's POV

When I saw Deanna I winked at her to see what she would do and she blushed and after that I saw hat sister nudged her and smirk and then I saw Lou mouth her something that she similes and she giggled at but then I saw D do to G what she did to her. Oh this should be an interesting night I thought.


Lou's POV

When we were on stage I saw some bright colors and turned to see Deanna and Gianna with lots and I mean lots of glow sticks on and so were some of the girls next to them when the other girls saw me looking over at them they screamed.



D's POV 

During the concert they sang most of the songs from FOUR and they sang a couple songs from Midnight Memories the concert had lots of features like fireworks and confetti with lots of posters made some nice some not so nice.  


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