My concert encounter

When Deanna and her twin meet one direction after an concert things heat up and heartbreak occurs but in the end who gets their happy ending Deanna or Gianna and who loses it all

Btw this based after Zayn left


4. Meet and Leave ??

G's POV as me and D went back stage we where taken to a room we sat on a couch and discussed what to do after the concert when we heard voices and piped down then we realized that the security guard took us to their lounge room and then the door opened and in walked 4 shocked boys.


Louis's POV as we walked to our lounge room we where joking around but when Harry opened the door we saw 2 beautiful girls sitting on the couch I was shocked and my the looks so where the boys then I asked "How did you two get in here?" And the one started to explain


D's POV when Louis and the boys came to the door I was shocked but when they asked how we got in here I looked at G and she looked at me with fear in her eyes so I started to explain how our backstage passes let us go before and after the show and how the security guard lead us back here.

Liam's POV once they where out of hearing point I asked the lads " is it me or they HOT ?"

Harry's POV when they left Liam asked if they were hot and we all agreed they did seem like nice girls and the one I did find pretty attractive and them I was taken out of thought when Nial spoke up.

Nial's POV "I like them they seemed like nice girls that we could maybe be friends with but I don't know" " what do you guys think?"

Louis's POV when Nial asked what I think I blurted out " To get to know them better maybe after we talk to them later we can ask if they would like to come to dinner with us" and with that the boys agreed

G's POV when we got to our seats I asked D if she noticed that Harry keep staring at her knowing the Harry was her fav and then she said ya but did you see Louis eyeing you up too and I giggled cause lou was my favorite


D's POV when Harry stared at me I couldn't help but blush and I think G noticed because she keep giggling every time we stared at each other but the show was staring soon so we watched the show


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