Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


29. The Leprechaun 1

~The school bell rings, signaling the end of the day's teaching. I couldn't wait for school to be over because I was having a pretty dull day. Nothing to get excited over or look forward to. I was actually thankful to be a senior and driving a car. There was no problem with the bus besides hearing all the other teenagers gripe or become hiped up on something completely useless. As I reached my car, pulling my keys out of my pocket, I heard some boys near by talking.
"What is that, man?"
"Yeah, it looks like something you'd get out of cereal box."
"It's probly some shit he found on the ground."
"No, I swear it's something you'll find interesting." I looked over and noticed four boys from my grade huddled together. The boys' names were Clay, Seth, Alex, and Dallas. I stared at them and saw them looking at something in Dallas's hand.Clay noticed me and nudged Seth next to him, immediately making the whole group notice me staring.
"What do you want, weirdo?" Clay asked.
"Nothing, asshole," I remark. I was really not in a good mood now. I really wasn't fond of these guys at all. Seperately, they've been jerks to me in the past. I don't have one great memory of them. Well, I looked down at Dallas's clenched hand and grew curious.
"What's in your hand, Dallas?"
"Why should I tell you? You wouldn't have any interest with it."
"Oh, come on," Alex urges,"She can look." They come over to my car and Dallas shows me a gold coin. This is what they've been so crazy about? It's just an old coin that's probably worth a lot today. He saw my disapproving face and closed his hand.
"I found this yesterday near the river and did some research on it," he started to say,"It's a leprechaun's gold." I look up at him in a way that said are-you-kidding-me?
"A leprechaun? Are you serious?"
"Yes. Do you know what this means?"
"You're high off some weird shit."
"No. I made a wish on this last night and my wish came true. We can wish for what ever we want." For some reason, I was hoping I'd just walked into the twilight zone, because this was crazy. I became really agitated with these guys' idiotic beliefs and took the coin.
"So, if this is true then I wish you four would die." I flipped it and it landed on the ground.
"What the hell?" Clay asks, pushing me onto my car.
"That was pretty stupid of you, bitch," Seth says in my ear. I felt scared but thankfully I still had my keys in my hand.
"Now, that's no way to treat a lass," a voice says near the hood of my car. I look up and see a small guy on top of my car. He's dressed in old century green clothing, has red hair, sharp nails, and what appears to be either bumpy or wrinkly skin. He sounded Irish by the his voice and kind of looked as such. What I wanted to know is how he got here so quickly and without any of us noticing.
"Who the fuck are you?" Seth asks.
"Why, can't you tell? I'm a leprechaun."
"Oh, so you're a leprechaun?" Alex laughs.
"Why, of course. Can I have me gold coin back?"
"So, it's yours?" Dallas asks holding it up to the strange man.
"Yes, me good lad. Thank you for returning it." He reached for it but Dallas jerked it out of his way. The others laughed to this while I stood there staring.
"That was quite rude, you know? You shouldn't treat others like that. Especially a leprechaun."
"This guy is funny," Seth remarks, trying to immitate the man. This small man looked really annoyed and about to hit someone with his walking stick thing. They looked back at him on the roof of my car and saw that he disappeared.
"Where'd he go?"
"I'm down here, lad." We all look down to see Seth get stabbed in the eye with the man's walking stick. It went all the way through his skull from the right eye socket. The stick was taken out and Seth fell to the ground, dead. The man turned around and looked up at Dallas.
"Give me the coin." Alex and Clay tried to tackle the man but ended up getting stabbed by a knife that came out of the tip of the walking stick. They died instantly. Dallas was too scared and ran off. The next thing I saw was him flying through the air and being impaled by a limb of a tree. The coin fell out and was retrieved by the small man. I stared in shock at the scene that just occured.
"What the hell, are you?" I asked him.
"I told you, lass. I'm a leprechaun."
"How am I going to explain this to the police?" I started noticing everyone looking at the dead bodies around me.
"We can talk about this over tea." I grew confused and saw him disappear again.
"What the-"
"I'm in here, lass." He was in the passenger side of my car, waving at me. I climbed in and put the keys in the ignition.
"Why are you even wanting me to bring you with me?"
"I need a place to stay for a little while. Is that a problem?"
"It is when I'm carrying a murderer to my house."
"Why can't we just talk about this over tea?" I slammed my head on the wheel in annoyance. Finally, I drive out of the school parking lot and head home with a little crazy killer in my passeger seat.

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