Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


76. The crypt Keeper Epilogue

~Sitting at the side of the bed, I read a story to my 9-year-old son from the book of strange and exciting tales. As I read the last few lines, my son looked calm and relaxed.
"My special little boy. Have good dreams tonight."
"Mother," he whispered.
"Why do Father and I look different from you?"
"That's because you and your Father are half dead."
"Oh. I just wondered."
"That's okay. It's all right to wonder." I exit the room and go down to the basement where my husband, the Crypt Keeper, was playing a game with his friends. Through the years, I've seen many of his friends. A lot of them were okay. Whenever they come over, they usually just play games. Sometimes they gamble and other times they just fool around. It's hard to keep drinks in the house because they always empty the bottle before the night ends. Although, they are still entertaining whether they're drunk or sober.
"Hey, your wife's here," one of them said as a joke. Several look up while the others keep their eyes on the wheel on the wall. It was an old game they enjoyed playing from time to time. They were arguing to see who was going to go first.
"I bet you'd like to be up there, Nicole."
"Oh yes, I'd just love for all of you to take turns throwing knives at my spinning body." I still act kind of sarcastic with them but they know I'm joking. And they laughed at my responce and jokingly push me toward the wheel. Then, the Crypt Keeper decided to go first. I wasn't that concerned about him having knives thrown at him. He's proved me time and time before that he can't really die. So, as they strap him to the wheel, I watch while taking a sip of the wine. They spin him around and they all take turns throwing knives at him. Several hit him but he was laughing like a maniac while spinning around.
"Hey, Nicole," another friend said, "You wanna have a go?"
"I don't think that's a good idea. I'm pretty buzzed."
"Okay, one try. It can't hurt."
"Well, I guess throwing one won't do too much damage." I get up and he hands me a knife. I couldn't see straight but I took a shot. I heard a thunk as it hit the wheel but I also heard the whole room crack up in laughter.
"I know, I throw like a girl and have the worst aim in the world. Must you laugh until sanity?"
"If that's true then why don't you look where it landed?" I rubbed my eyes and took a good look. I remembered the other knives' placements except for one. The knife I threw was located really close to a very special place for men. I started crackng up laughing. I can't believe I almost stabbed him there. After we stopped laughing, someone got him down along with the knives. The Crypt Keeper sat down for a moment and had a drink of wine. We watched the others play with the wheel and have their little fun with tortiring everyone.
"Nicole," he said. I looked over and saw him on the verge of laughing his ass off.
"What's so funny?"
"I am never letting you play this game again." I laughed and the night just ended in a fit of laugher. It was a great time.

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