Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


34. The Creeper 1

~I stare at these people and ask myself for the millionth time, What the hell am I doing here? I must explain that I decided to go on this camping trip with my cousin and her friends. Or should I tell you the whole story? Well, I was visiting some relatives with my family and was asked to acompany my cousin, Bess, on a little camping trip. It was for several days and it would give me the chance to get to know Bess more. I barely even knew her but agreed anyways. Well, we got our stuff packed up and headed out to the woods for some nice relaxing camping. But, what I thought of Bess as being completely innocent was wrong. The first words that came out of her mouth when we were out of sight of our parents was,"Hey, give me a smoke. I've been dying for one all week." At first, I thought she meant as in cigerettes but instead it was pot.
"What the hell, Bess?"
"What? You didn't think I smoked?"
"Everyone who's our age or younger has smoked," says her boyfriend, Paul.
"Don't tell me you've never done pot before," Bess says, exhaling all her poisoned breath.
"Dammit, I've never done anything!" They all look at me (There's four other people in the car) and begin laughing.
"So," says Jimmie,"Does this mean you're a virgin?" I stare at him wide eyed and give him a death glare.
"You're a sick bastard. Of course I'm a virgin." He looks at me with these lustful eyes this time.
"Maybe we could change that." He licks his lips at me and I go off.
"You filthy ass bastard! If you even try to get near me, I'll cut off your dick and leave the crows to find it!" Everyone in the car, including Jimmie, go,"Oooohhhhhh!!!" I just sit there there in annoyance. I'm a virgin to almost everything: Sex, drugs, alcohol, love...I never did what all the others did because I wasn't that person who'd be willing to go to such legnths. And through this ride, I figured out more about the filthy idiots I had to spend the next few days with. Bess, my cousin, is your usual girl who goes out to wild parties, does drugs, drinks, and of course she's not a virgin (None of them are, really). Paul, Bess's boyfriend, is a sex addict that has cheated on Bess many times. They don't even remember how many times he's cheated on her but what surprises me is that they keep going out. Who does that? I mean, if someone cheated on me I'd murder them and their mistress. Taylor, Bess's best friend, keeps playing tricks on me like I'm a guy. Bess thought it'd be funny to comment that I may be bi just for not finding their type of guys attractive. And now, Taylor is making this trip complicated by acting like she's gay for me and my untrue sexuality. Devon, Paul's best friend, is incapable of being serious in any situation. If there was a guy that was about to put a bullet through his brain, he'd still be cracking jokes. He's that bad. Deanna, another best friend of Bess, is a filthy, low life whore that only came on this trip to keep the guys company. The way she looks gave me the impression that she was a whore: Extremly short shorts and a tied up button down shirt that exposed her breasts a little and showed that she wasn't wearing a bra. I didn't have to look at her cleavage to figure that out, for her nipples shot out like a spear going through someone's body. And last but not least, there was that asshole Jimmie, Bess's ex-boyfriend and one of Paul's friends. After the conversation we had, I could tell that he was nothing but filth and couldn't say anything but shit from his mouth. So, basically I was as screwed as someone tied up in the woods, smelling like dead meat, and having a bunch of crows pecking at them. Which brings me to the part where we're all walking in the woods.
"Oh my god, these fucking bugs!" Deanna whines like a baby. That's what you get for being almost nude in the woods, you stupid whore. I smile to myself about the thought of her returning all sctratched up and itchy. But, of course, Taylor had to pull me away from my beautiful thoughts by hugging onto me the whole time looking for a good camping spot. Bess and Paul were all over each other through the whole thing, Devon was acting like some kind of caveman (Which I almost believed several times), and Jimmie was just watching the two make out. We were soon able to find a camping spot and I decided to walk off while they set everything up. I saw some nice views and animals pass by as I walked. I looked up at the afternoon sky in dispair. How was I ever going to survive this? But then, I saw something else up in the sky. It looked like...a bat?

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