Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


91. Sampson White Epilogue

~Sam's POV

I finish work at the bar around 4:00pm as I'm cleaning up for the evening crowd. It's kind of boring and sometimes crazy but I like this job. It has its ups and downs but I have no intensions of leaving. I've finally made friends since I moved here and I've been able to open up to those I trust. When Nicole and I first came here, I was a little paranoid about the people around us. I wasn't sure about being friends with others. Man, a rough high school life sure puts a strain on new friendships. But, eventually, I was able to open up to my co-workers at the bar. I told them I had a bad childhood and wasn't very social to others at school. I've never told anyone else about that I use to be the notorious killer, the Schizoid Killer. I've stopped killing and have commited myself to my wife and children. I know most serial killers would probably cringe at the thought of giving up killing but this is what I decided. Samara and Freddy are 16 and 17 now, Samara being the oldest and Freddy being the youngest. What creeped me out was that their hair came out the same way as the characters. Samara had dark brown hair from Nicole, and Freddy had blond hair that sort of came from me. My hair use to be a mixture of blonde and light brown before I dyed it completely white. Although, you may be asking, why did I dye my hair white? It was a way for me to forget the life I came from. I am a White but I don't like my dad for treating me like crap so dying my hair made me look and feel less like my dad. I barely had his features, just his hair. I cleaned up my last table and went into the back to hang my apron up.
"Already time for you to go, Sam?"
"Yeah. I've got to have to be with my family. If I'm not with them at least five minutes, I go nuts."
"Wow, psycho but family style." We laugh together at his weird joke. Kyle is one of my best friends at the bar. We've met each other's families, had our children play with each other on visits, and went to social events together. I found myself having a better life than I did as a kid. It was a strange feeling at first but I started getting use to it. For most of the afternoon to 6:00pm, I help around the house and get involved in my childrens' lives. They do know that I use to be a killer and they know not to tell people. Which brings me to why I limit myself to being at home at 6:00pm. I go to my wife and kids in the living room, who are watching some shows on Chiller.
"I'm going to the B.F.S.K. I'll see you in the morning."
"Okay, hun," Nicole tells me, getting up to give me a kiss before I go, "Have fun." I hug and kiss my children before putting my trench coat on and exiting the door. B.F.S.K. stands for Bars For Serial Killers. How a place is made? I still wonder about why there's a bar for murderers. There are tons a serial killers that come and they range from the most famous to the least known. All you need to show you're a member is a collection of your victims or just one of those things from that collection of victims. I always bring my suitecase with me just in case. As I get past the killer bouncer, I take my seat next to some of my closet murder friends. Everyone knows them as the Zodiac Killer, Ed Gein, and the Green River Killer.
"Hey Schizoid," the Green River Killer waves at me.
"Hey everyone. How are things this week?" We always meet up here on Friday nights every week. The fun thing about this bar is that you can be a retireed killer and still be here. Well, Zodiac is still not identified to the public after all this time, G. River is still trying to find some good enough victims, and Ed is almost done with a recent woman suite. Just the usual.
"How are things going with you?" Ed asked.
"Oh, my daughter's getting ready for a dance and my son's worried about his date next week."
"What about your wife?" Zodiac wondered.
"She's very fine. I'm glad I finally found someone that makes my life so meaningful."
"I still can't believe a killer like you ended up getting tied down," replied G. River. Everyone agrees and takes a few sips of their drinks. No one is allowed to release their realnames in here for some reason. At least it helps me remember my old name.
"Well guys," I say raising my glass to my lips, "It all comes down to what the killer thinks, feels, and realizes. Love is a many splendered thing. Mine was a complete miracle." I take a sip of my drink and stay until it's midnight. I get out at that time because It's quieter at night when I come home. Coming home, I undress and get under the covers with Nicole. She always reminds me of that one morning when we'd watch each other sleep. She's calm and stays very quiet as she dreams. I wonder what it is she could be dreaming. I love her and I can't believe how far we've come on just the one simple thing that we've never felt or relied on before: Love.

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