Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


82. Sampson White 1

~Killer's POV

It's been a long day and I'm glad to to be moving into this sleepy little town for once. It's going to take a miricle to get another victim without anyone missing them. Yeah, I'm a murderer who kills kids that don't belong, fit in, are alone, or to themselves. Why I do this? When I was a boy in high school, I was plagued with suicidal tendencies and believed that no one was ever going to miss me if I died. Staying out of school at random moments only proved my point. I was barely missed by students that bullied me and teachers that never gave a shit about me. Although, that may have been because they never asked about my absence or what I was really feeling most of the time. Yes, I was a pretty depressed boy but no one ever gave a damn about it. So, I try to save other children from this awful feeling. I don't really feel much like a serial killer but more of a person that releases them from their suffering. But, of course, people don't really see it that way. I've read the newspapers on my victims' murder to keep track of how the police are doing. Apparently, they call me the Schizoid Killer sincemy victims are mainly described as loners or those who keep away from social groups. But, whenever I kill, I have to move from one town to the other so I don't cause too much disturbance to the public. When I go to a new town, I stalk out a victim or two, become their friend, wait until they can really trust me, kill them, and then leave for the next town. Well, I'll have to make sure that the next kid I kill doesn't become popular like my last victim. He ended up having some very well known friends from school, so when I took his life, everyone started having a huge uproar about it. Which brings me here to a small little town that, hopefully, I can hide out in until the dust clears. And maybe I can take a life or two while I'm at it. It was only Friday but maybe I'll see about some kids here next week. I was almost finished with the unpacking so I'll see about the children after they come home today...

Nicole's POV

Sitting in a desk, listening to a boring ass teacher talk about a current lesson we've been expecting. Your normal back to school life. Well, it's really just October so we're pretty good into the year. This was going to be my last year here and then I'm out of this living Hell for good. But, I'm stuck just hearing a teacher try to make us learn something new as usual. Nothing much ever happens here besides that most of the kids here make a fool out of me or mock me whenever I'm around them. I'm like the screwed up version of Carrie White. Next thing you know, I'm going to the senior prom and a bucket of pig's blood gets poured all over me. Like that would be most likely to happen. Time has become ever so slowly since starting this year up. People say time's going fast but to me, it's going very slow. It feels like forever until the final bell rings for some to walk, ride a bus, or drive home. I make my way to the bus for home and sit near the back with most of the teenagers. Why they find the back seat so great, I'll never know. They start talking about some Halloween party going on and that there's almost everything illegal (My terms) going on there. Some skank turns to me and starts giggling like she's been smoking crack all day (No surprise if she did).
"Do you waana come to the party, Nicole? You can just come as you usually are."
"No, I might try to kill you all. Or was that what you meant by coming as I usually am?"
"Weirdo. Why don't you ever act normal?"
"Normal what? Girl or human?"
"You'd be better off being a normal girl. You'll never know what it's like to be with a guy unless you be more girly."
"Can I ask you something?"
"Do you know what it's like to be stabbed in the forehead? Because the stitches are starting to snap." The skank moves away and I hear he telling her other skanky friend about me being a weird psychopath again. Finally, the bus stops at the appartment complex where my family and I live. Unfortunately, this is also the stop where some other kids I don't like get off at. When I get off, I'm followed by a chanting of teenagers yelling "psychopath" over and over. I run off to the building further away from the others and stop to look at a change I didn't see here this morning. A very nice looking silver car was parked directly opposite the building across from where I live. If I look out my window, I'll see the car very clearly even if I'm on the top floor. Then, I look up and notice a man with pure white hair step outside his door. His face was covered so I assumed it to be an old man coming here for some quiet living. Not with my outbursts towards others, he won't. So, I can even look over at his house from my window. New guy but still nothing interesting to come here. I walk upstairs, unlock the door, and lock it as soon as I get in. I've got some homework to do before my parents get home. With the way their work goes, they don't come home till 6:00pm. So, until then, I'm just going to finish my work and maybe watch some tv or whatever else. All alone until 6:00.

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